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The Brilliant Brand Worksheet

Learn how to attract your ideal clientele, with my FREE Brand Your Awesomeness Worksheet It’s a special tool I created to help you discover what makes your business so sparkly & irresistible, and to use that spark to bring in more followers, fans, and delighted customers!

A sneak peek:

  • In the first few pages, you'll work through the four essential elements of your brand, to discover which qualities make your business the most desirable.
  • You'll answer soul-deep queries, and uncover those hidden gems that you never even think twice about, but that your customers crave!
  • And page 5 walks you through the most essential task of all – sharing your Awesome Brand with the world, to gain new followers, fans, and customers!

Your worksheet even comes with a complimentary subscription to the One Sweet Brand e-newsletter — a mini treasure chest of goodies sent from me to you every Wednesday. Sweet!

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