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  • Are you new to WordPress and need to pick a theme for your site, but you don’t know what to look for?
  • Does the vast array of available themes confuse the heck out of you and make your head spin?
  • Have you spent a ton of money on themes, but still haven’t found a suitable one?
  • Do you just want an all-in-one resource that will tell you everything you need to know to pick the right theme?

You’re not alone. Lots of business owners find this process daunting, overwhelming, and frustrating. Many are frozen in a decision-making limbo that goes on for days or weeks, delaying their progress until they can finally settle on one theme. Others, feeling the pressure to “just pick one”, purchase multiple themes at $30 to $100 each, wasting time and money switching from theme to theme in search of the right one.

But NO MORE! I developed this comprehensive guide to help you select the RIGHT WordPress theme the first time, so you can save money, and be on your way to an excellent website in less time, and with less stress, than you would otherwise.

See what people are saying about this amazing resource:

How To Choose the Right WordPress Theme for Your Website is an aptly named tool, complete with a glossary of terms you might not know, a table comparing some of the best and most popular themes, and a comprehensive worksheet that helps you take everything you’ve learned and put it into practice for your site.”
Laura George, The Business Coach for Creatives | LauraCGeorge.com

“Thank you Barbara! The WordPress theme guide stopped my DIY self from making a big mistake. Upgrading my current website to WordPress felt like a daunting task, but after using your guide I feel empowered and excited about the outcome.”
Niight Wind AHP, RYT | Earth Ayurveda Clinic

“This guide is an absolute must-have for every beginner-entrepreneur or WordPress novice.”
Katya Barry, International Success Coach | KatyaBarry.com

“The DIY solopreneur’s picnic! Barbara’s guide will make doing your own website begin in a fun way that makes it easy right from the start, with lots of tasty choices. My favorite part is the comparison charts – this alone will save you sooo much time and angst. You won’t regret buying this!”
Elizabeth McLeod, Creator of the Wild Woman Mystery Cards/Founder of Wild Woman Enchanted | WildWomanEnchanted.com

Ready to take control of your website?

For less than the price of a single theme, this Guide+Worksheet combo can help you choose the right theme the first time, saving you hundreds of dollars in theme-switching, indecision, and frustration. Get it today!

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