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Discover your heart & soul + what your ideal customers love about you…

crystal heartWhat if you could find a blissful state of clarity, where you KNOW what makes your business—your gifts, talents, and offerings—extra-special and desirable to your target clients and customers? And then you could use that knowledge to attract those people and totally rock their world for the better?

If you’re like me, you’d be scrambling to get to that place ASAP! And perhaps you already are, and that is why you’re here. Because finding that sweet spot isn’t easy…it takes a lot of patience, self-discovery, and exploration to get there.

Believe me, I know. It took me four years, and many twists and turns, to figure out my Sweet brand. There were a lot of things that should’ve been obvious, but that still took me a long time to realize.

My wish for you, and my reason for creating this workshop, is that you can unearth what makes you uniquely desirable to your ideal clients—that special combination of awesomeness that only you can offer them.

I developed Sweet Brand Clarity, to help you do just that.

It’s a total brand “intensive”: A way for you to sit down and really work through what it is that makes you uniquely qualified and extra-desirable to the people you’re meant to serve—so you can then flaunt that “sweetness” to attract your target audience.

diamondsThink of this workshop as if you were “digging for gems” inside yourself and your business. It’s like taking a diamond-in-the-rough—you know you have a tremendous purpose and potential—and finding just the right cut to bring out its true brilliance.

(You following so far? Good!)

Sweet Brand Clarity is absolutely for you if:

  • You LOVE, LOVE, LOVE getting your hands dirty! (This course is primarily a printable, work-it-out with pen and paper, spread the pages out on your desk or kitchen table, really dive deep and make big strides type of program.)
  • You delight in the thrill of discovery—especially when it comes to your business passion and unearthing your unique competitive edge.
  • You love your business, and know you’re doing the work you were born to do.
  • You’re tired of being a diamond-in-the-rough, and are absolutely ready to transition into a brilliant business gem, capable of drawing in legions of adoring clients or customers with it’s authentic sparkle.

This workshop is NOT for you if:

  • You prefer a lecture-based learning environment as opposed to hands-on learning.
  • You lack the drive + curiosity + creativity to really dig deep into what makes your business extra-specially desirable to your target peeps.
  • You’re not yet ready to branch out and really FLY. For example, maybe your business is new, and you have yet to determine if this is really the right calling for you.
  • You don’t have a business yet.

worksheetsAbout The Workshop

The core of SBC is the hands-on stuff: 14 dig-deep-discovery worksheets, plus three “workshop” assignments to help you learn more about yourself + your business + how to bring out your unique edge and attract those clients and customers you were born to serve!

These worksheets + assignments are broken down into six modules:

MODULE 1: WHY—The Beating Heart of Your Brand
PURPOSE: To clarify the passion & purpose that drives you, identify your target audience, and get to the heart of WHY they should care about and thus choose your business. Because it’s your mission and reasons for doing what you do that so often dictates whether someone will or won’t follow you or become a paying customer.

MODULE 2: WHAT—Wrapping Up Your Offerings into a Neat Package
PURPOSE: To hash out the nitty-gritty of what you do/make, what your tribe loves about it, and how to package it up in an irresistible way. In addition to the basics, this module also includes exploration into what NEW offerings you could create that your tribe would love.

MODULE 3: HOW You Roll
PURPOSE: To define your signature ways of doing business, and learn which processes and procedures are most important to your consumers. This includes not only your methodology (like how you create new products), but also the values and standards of your brand—things that you’re ideal consumers are likely to resonate with.

PURPOSE: To discern which attributes of your personality (or which characteristics of your business’ personality) are most endearing and attractive to your target customers. It’s a fun romp into what makes your business stand out, from your personality quirks, to your life history, and more. Even the things you might not expect, can be very endearing to your customers.

MODULE 5: The Big Picture
PURPOSE: To help you piece together everything you will have discovered and learned in the first four modules, and visualize your awesome brand as a whole. A chance to reflect on what you will have discovered thus far, and an opportunity to ponder how you’re going to weave everything together into ONE *SWEET* BRAND.

MODULE 6: Your Sweet Brand Plan
PURPOSE: To put everything you’ve discovered, learned, and developed into action, so you can bring your awesome brand to life and use it to attract more of your dream clients and customers!!

Rockin' GraduateJust a few of the things you can expect, after completing the workshop:

  • Crystal-clarity may cause you to be giddily excited about the future of your business, and thrilled at the prospect of serving your clients or customers in such an authentic way.
  • You’ll have a heightened awareness of the connection between the gifts you have to offer, and the benefits your target consumers are looking for. An important sixth sense to have, when your business success depends on finding the right consumers who DEEPLY DESIRE what you have to offer!
  • You’ll move forward with a solid plan to build your awesome brand, starting with small, immediate changes, and working your way towards an using your uniqueness to draw in a following loyal, devoted clientele.

bonus materialsAlso! Bonus Materials:

Sweet Brand Clarity comes with several extras, such as the mini-book Strategies to Put Your Sweet Brand Into Action, and a brand “style sheet” template which you can use to showcase the details your new brand.

Inevitably, I’ll add even more extra goodies in the future…and I promise that no matter when you bought the workshop initially, I will always send you course updates and new materials (even if the price of the workshop increases)!

Sweet Dreamer, if you’re longing to bring out your brilliance and attract your ideal clients and customer with that special sparkle that only you have…if the hands-on approach of Sweet Brand Clarity speaks to you…and, if you’re totally ready to take the plunge, then your next step is to enroll!

GuaranteeBut first, something you might be wondering—if by some chance you make it to Module 5 in the program, and still don’t feel like the workshop is giving you the value you expected, I will issue you a full refund.

All I ask, is that you show me your completed worksheets and assignments from Modules 1-4, upon requesting such a refund. Because I know that if you commit to the workshop + give 110% to making the most of each worksheet and assignment, you WILL see tremendous results!

Ready to start your journey?

Barbara Austin photoMaybe you feel that tingling desire to get super-clear on your amazing business brand + connect with and serve your right customers = grow a base of raving fans for your business… If that’s a big HECK YES!, there is no better time than NOW to start your journey to Clarity, Purpose, & Hitting Your Sweet Spot, by enrolling in Sweet Brand Clarity!

Yours in joyful entrepreneurship,
Barbara Austin
Barbara Austin
Sweet Dreamz Design

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