Break through your barriers + design a flourishing business!

I admit it…I love magazine design. It’s just one of many reasons why, in 2013 and 2014, I published no less than five of them.

And I’m always blown away by how much inspirational + biz-changing advice even one magazine can contain!

four magazinesBreak Free & Flourish, June 2013Designed2Flourish, October 2013Designed2Flourish, February 2014Designed2Flourish, July 2014

Wise Counsel for Your Burgeoning Biz

Break Free & Flourish is the magazine the started it all; originally published in June 2013, it focuses on the psychological barriers and mental blocks that tend to slow us down, and offers tons of ways to break through ruts and achieve success!

21 women contributed some truly awesome lessons-learned on everything from marketing strategy to quitting one’s day job.

A few of the highlights:
The Truth About “Making It” Online by Jenny Shih
Ditch the Guide and Go Solo by Shenee Howard
How I Scared Myself Into Success by Helen Hunter Mackenzie

Grow Your Tribe!

This July 2013 mag was the first of three issues Designed2Flourish; it’s focused on achieving overall growth in business through brand-building and excellent marketing strategy.

Inside, you’ll find awesome biz advice from a powerhouse group of 22 ladypreneurs—the largest of the four magazines included in the bundle.

These are my favorites:
How to Rock Referrals by Kate Byrne
Why Passion Isn’t Enough by Racheal Cook
Build Your Noble Empire in 5 Simple Steps by Lisa Robbin Young

A little LOVE goes a long way…

To coincide with Valentine’s Day 2014, this issue of Designed2Flourish focused on ways to “Love Your Tribe”—leading to a bigger following, more sales, referrals, and client loyalty.

17 awesome womenpreneurs contributed their expertise on everything from getting more clients, to figuring out who you really want to work with in the first place.

Some of the highlights:
Stop Selling to Your Clients and Start Dating Them Instead by Jane Garee
5 Ways to Awaken Your Leadership & Connect With Your Tribe by Carolyn Ellis
Get Client Rich in 5 Simple Steps by Martina Zorc

Stuff That Sells

The third and final issue of Designed2Flourish was published July 2014, and is all about creating content that sells. From free offers, to marketing copy, to paid products and services—this mag covers it all.

It features 15 women-in-business, with some truly fabulous articles.

These are just a few:
Create More “Engaging” Sales Copy with These 4 Sexy Tips by Erica Lee Strauss
8 Strategies to Help You Craft an Authentic Sales Page by Helen Roe
Facebook Ads: How to Build a List of Truly Ideal Prospects by Claire Pelletreau

All of this priceless business wisdom together is easily worth $50+, but you can grab it TODAY for $35.

Are you totally ready to step up, to break through to the next level of success in your business? Need a bundle of fantastic inspiration and advice to help you on your journey?


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