sparkly pink heartsAm I the designer for you?

Sweet Dreamer, you’re probably pretty picky about who you do business with. From the niche market you cater to, and the specialized employees you hire, you only work with the people who are the best possible fit.

And I’m the same way! I know not everyone is a Sweet Dreamer, and not every Sweet Dreamer is going to be a great match for working with me.

Are you one of the select few?

It’s pretty straightforward…if this sounds like you, we might just be made for each other!

  • You’re a fabulous woman’preneur (or, a guy’preneur who likes my style)
  • A small business maven; maybe you’re a solopreneur, or maybe you manage a team of 10+ employees, but either way, you’re ambitious + sky’s the limit + fulfilling your grand God-given purpose in the world.
  • You know branding & design are essential components to your marketing strategy.
  • You’re a genuine heart-n-soul kind of person, maybe a creative type as well, and you want a designer who is too.
  • While you’re busy running your li’l empire, you need a designer who can support you in all your online marketing endeavors (and a maybe few offline endeavors, too!)
  • You are a no-nonsense, let’s-get-this-done type. You set your plan, and follow it to the best of your ability. No beating around the bush for you.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

(All the more indication that we might be a great match…)

  • You’re in the early stages of your business, gaining traction and perhaps just now turning a profit. You know that as you move forward, your “baby” brand just isn’t going to cut it. You need a fabulous image with which to woo your growing tribe, impress your investors, or take on bigger feats like adding wholesale accounts.
  • You’ve been selling offline, via eBay, Etsy, or some alternative outlet, which was fine in the beginning, but now you’re wanting to grow your business further. You need a WordPress website at, where you can build your own following and have total control over your content, e-commerce, and more.
  • You’re embarking on an exciting new venture, such as a magazine campaign, joint venture telesummit, or podcast, and you need a designer to give visual face to your gorgeous adventure.
  • You’ve re-branded your whole company, perhaps changing your product or service, shifting to a different market, and/or expanding your business to include new avenues. And now, it’s time to visual-ize your new brand baby, to get your new message out loud and clear!

meDoes any of this ring a bell?

If you think I might be the designer for you, perhaps you should check out my Services!

Barbara Austin