Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. (Yes, this one is really true!)

TRANSLATION: Your ideal peeps are the “beholders” who think that what you do is awesome! Everyone else can take a hike, but they’re the ones who will stick around and become your loyal fans, customers, and supporters.

striking eyesAnd (you probably know where I’m going with this), design is how we turn that “what they do is awesome” stuff, into numerous “Oh my gosh, I’m in love at first sight, gotta dig deeper and learn more about this company, and OH they have everything I ever wanted in a (your product/service) and I can’t wait to tell my friends” moments.

But, hopefully, you already knew this, and I won’t bore you any further with all the things design can do for your business, like make great first impressions, or give your customers a pleasant visual experience so they’ll wanna come back again.

Instead, I’m going to get right into it: Exactly what design services do I offer?

Well, as far as specifics go, my TOP specialty right now is magazine & e-book design. That’s the one that I delight in most, which probably doesn’t surprise you if you’ve read any of my own magazines. Following closely at #2, is website design (WordPress sites, Thesis customizations, and related graphics). And beyond that, I do a wide range of designs, such as logos, social media graphics, as well as old-school print stuff like business cards and brochures. Basically all the marketing materials you need for your small business!

If you wanna hire me to jazz up your image, you’ve got 3 options:

You can see them for yourself below, but in a nutshell you can choose: 1) A la carte “Just Graphics”, which is just like it sounds and great if you’re on a limited budget; 2) My signature “Sweet Brand” treatment, which is like the whole enchilada; or 3) VIP design assistance—excellent if you’re already set up in the overall-brand-design department, and you need ongoing support.

Go ahead and check out the details! I’ll wait down below 😀



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Barbara Austin