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Here is what you need to know:

  • Wanna hire me to jazz up your brand image, design a snazzy new logo for your Sweet Brand, create the graphics for your new website, or some equally awesome design stuff? If you’re new to Sweet Dreamz Design, you might want to start here first. Or, if you’re ready to get the design ball rolling, go ahead and click here.
  • Wanna write a guest post for the Sweet Dreamz blog? I’m currently accepting posts on the following topics: marketing (general), social media/email marketing, SEO, business systems, outsourcing, and home office design/decorating. Shoot me an e-mail or use the form below!
  • Want to interview me/have me submit a piece for your blog/magazine/book/whatever? Awesome! Contact me via the form or e-mail listed below.
  • ONE LAST THING: If you’re selling SEO services, I’m not interested. If you’d like to send me some other kind of pitch about your services, or ask me to share something you’ve created (like an infographic) with my audience, PLEASE address me by name so I know you’re a genuine human being—not a mass e-mailer. If I receive a salesy e-mail from you that contains a generic salutation (e.g. “Dear Biz Owner”), I will DELETE IT without hesitation. Thanks!

Option A: E-mail me directly –> barbara [at] sweetdreamzdesign [dot] com.
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