Beauty + Authenticity = One. Sweet. Brand.

Howdy, Sweet Dreamer! I’m Barbara, a native Texan and creative designer gal.

There are a lot of reasons why I create beautiful biz brands. I started Sweet Dreamz Design, because I love design! And, because I love helping small biz’preneurs with their branding + marketing!

But really, I do what I do because I believe that every womanpreneur has so much to offer the world, and that YOU deserve to have a fabulous, authentic brand image that resonates with your audience and helps you grow your business—one amazing first impression at a time.

No doubt, you’re probably aware of how ART + DESIGN affects your everyday life. Maybe you’re partial to that iPhone, simply because it looks gorgeous. Maybe you went above & beyond to decorate your home so that it feels like a sanctuary. Maybe you even wear a RED power suit to every speaking gig, because it psyches you up and helps you feel like the leader you strive to be.

Likewise, I believe in the power of design, to move mountains—to help your tribe get to know, like, & trust you; to invite new peeps to check out your business offerings; to rally your fans + followers around your mission; and much, much more.

Wanna know more about ME? Get the inside scoop here.