Quickie Website Fix, Part 2: Three Steps to Make Your #1 Marketing Machine More Effective

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woman using her laptopIt’s part 2! Time to get to the meat, of actually making your website more effective. 😉

In my last post, I gave you some things to ponder, in regards to what you actually want to portray—what essential truths you want your tribe to get—on your website.

And, now it’s time to see how your website (in its current state) measures up to those standards, and what you can do to improve both the message you’re sending to your audience AND the effect it will have on them…

Give Your Website a Tune-up!

1) Whip out your 3-to-5 characteristics + your essential message you want to get across (see Part 1 if you haven’t done them yet). Using those things as a benchmark, go through your website, and ask yourself what it’s saying about your biz. Does it convey the things you want? Does it convey anything you DON’T want it to? Going further, are there specific pages, elements, or sections that are sending the wrong signal? Look specifically for areas (like the header, or an opt-in box) that might be sending the wrong message to your tribe.
EVEN BETTER: Recruit one or two of your clients or your pals who know your business well, and ask them to take a look at your site. Get them to write down their impressions and thoughts as to move through your site, so you can see things from their perspective. Chances are, they’ll make you aware of a discrepancy in your message that maybe you hadn’t noticed before.

2) Now, take another pass around your site and make a list of the biggest “missing links”—things that you know without a doubt are having a negative effect on things like your ability to retain first-time visitors, convert visitors to subscribers, and so forth. These are the trouble spots you’ll want to fix!

3) Fix those problems! The solution can be as simple as a color or font change, moving an opt-in higher up on the page, or adding/moving/removing stock photos or graphics. Here are some common trouble spots, along with resources to help you:

  • Is that straight-laced font making your fun/artsy business come off like a law firm? Find a more expressive, attention-grabbing font on Fontspring.com (or their free sister site FontSquirrel.com) – when you find one that grabs your eye, click the “Test Drive” tab, and type in the name/tagline/copy you’ll actually be using the font for. Just like trying on clothes, you might think you love a particular font, but discover it doesn’t work with your body type (or in this case, your business).
  • Are your clients telling you that bright red “Subscribe!” button hurts their eyes + is a total turnoff? Experiment with a new color on kuler.adobe.com: Click on “Custom” under Color Rule, and drag the arm(s) of the color wheel to your current website colors. Then use one arm to experiment with an opt-in color that will stand out from your existing color scheme, just enough to draw attention to the button, not enough to blind anyone.
  • Is your opt-in form just not attracting many signups? Try adding a snapshot of the item you’re offering (like the cover of your free e-book), a BIG + BOLD title or question to grab their attention, or for even more “oomph”, make a video to tell your visitors about the offer (and at the end, point off screen in the direction your offer will be located, so they know exactly where to sign up!).

Just a few simple tweaks in key areas of your site, can make a HUGE difference!

Wondering what to do about a particular trouble spot in your website? Talk to me in the comments…I have plenty more resources to share. 😉

Does your website need more than a simple fix?

If your business has evolved to the point of being completely out-of-sync with your current site, or maybe it never quite measured up in the first place—and you’re ready to do something about it—it might be time to hire a pro. Sign up for a complimentary strategy session with me, to see if I’m the right gal to help you!

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