One Simple Trick to Greater Satisfaction + Fulfillment, and a Loyal Audience of Clients & Customers

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girl on top of worldI’ve heard it said, that becoming an entrepreneur is the quickest path to self-discovery/self-improvement.

And I think it’s absolutely true! We have to know who we are, before we know what it is we’re meant to do & who we’re meant to serve. We have no choice but to build self-discipline, learn how to sell our skills & offerings, and how to communicate well with our customers—in order to succeed.

I’ve struggled with my fair share of those things (lack of discipline, for example), but the ONE I want to talk about today is this: BEING REAL. More specifically, stepping out from behind the mechanical curtain of the internet…to be ourselves, and not behave like a robot or a sales machine.

Why is that so important? Well, for me, I notice that the more “real” I’m being, the more at ease and purposeful I feel, and the bigger my tribe & business gets. (Pretty good incentive, right?)

Being real in design + art, is not a problem. It’s not as if I would tone down my designs, or make them louder or different than they should be, in an effort to put up a fake exterior or “sales-ify” my own brand or my clients’ brands.

But writing? That’s a whole other story.

In the struggle to be REAL, writing is my biggest weakness.

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I want to make it sound fantastic, find the perfect string of words, sentences, and paragraphs, make it as inspiring and convincing and lyrical as possible. (Great goal, right?)

But then I tend to leave myself out of the story. I’m so super-quiet + introverted, I’ve begun to notice that I keep an awful lot locked inside my head, perhaps because it’s easier not to share, or I’m afraid to share, or some combination of the two.

And when that happens, I sound like a robot. Like I’m trying too hard. Which is bad, because I hate feeling fake. It’s against my nature, and anyway, it’s so much easier + more awesome to just be myself!

So, I’m learning to write from the heart. Sometimes (often, actually) I catch myself sounding like a sales robot, and I try to remember that I despise pushy salespeople & people who are fakey—but I love genuine, nice people who just want to help. And my guess is, you do too.

So there you have it: To have greater satisfaction, ease, and “flourish” in your business, figure out what area you struggle with being “real” in. Then, make an effort to let down your guard, to stop being perfect and/or salesy, and just speak (or write, or design, or develop products, etc.) from the heart. I am, one word at a time.

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