Instant Intrigue! 4 Must-Have Elements for a Captivating Home Page

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excited womanYou know that feeling, when you land on a new website, and you’re instantly intrigued?

Like you just can’t wait to explore + learn more about that person/organization/business, because their home page totally speaks to you?

For me, it feels like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!

I mean, let’s face it—there are SO MANY businesses out there in any given category, but only a select few of them fit the criteria for what we want/need.

And whenever I find one that’s extra promising (Betty Means Business had me swooning, for example), it’s like—EUREKA! Here is the place I want to be…to explore…to purchase or subscribe…because they did and said all the right things, and had me at “hello”. 😉

Does YOUR website’s home page have that effect on your ideal clientele, when they come for a first look?

Looking fantastic + authentically gorgeous will grab their attention, plus a whole host of other things… But without the right information to back it up, how will they know you’ve got the goods they’ve been searching for? They won’t!

The four essential pieces of content you need, to captivate them:

1 WHAT YOU DO + WHO YOU DO IT FOR. Make a clear + prominent statement, defining exactly what you do/sell, and who for. This could be in your tagline, explained in a paragraph or two, or even a video message. But however you say it, it’s important to let your right people know that you’re the ONE they seek!

2 YOUR UNIQUE EDGE. Point out what sets you apart—what you have or do that’s sought-after and even rare. This one could also be described in your tagline, or in some other part of the page—like in your call-to-action. It could have something to do with your personality, or the way you conduct business, or the product you make, but whatever it is—make sure your visitors know about it!

3 “STREET CRED”. Whatever proof you’ve got—testimonials, badges from all the media outlets/blogs/news sites you’ve appeared on, awards or recognitions you’ve received—devote a special spot on your home page to display them. Because even if your visitors are smitten with you, and they know you’re something special/the one they’ve been looking for, they’ll still want to know if you’re legit. And seeing your creds will put their minds at ease and get that know-like-and-trust train chugging along much smoother and faster.

4 AN EXCELLENT CALL-TO-ACTION. Pick a prominent place on the page to showcase your action item—more than likely that’s your opt-in offer, but it could also be an exclusive discount, an upcoming webinar, or whatever is best for you & your peeps.

How does your home page stack up? Is there one specific item you need to add, or improve on, to make sure your ideal peeps know you’re the one they’ve been looking for? Leave a comment below, and tell me one change you’re going to make to your home page…

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