Quickie Website Fix, Part 1: What do your ideal clients need to know?

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web arrowDo you have the feeling that your website isn’t quite hitting the mark?

Maybe you’re getting a high bounce rate (first-time visitors leaving your site after only viewing one page)… or your subscriber/sales conversion rates are extremely low…or you have a gut feeling that you’re giving off the wrong impression, and you want to fix it—before you lose any more business!

Now, if your business has changed dramatically, or if your website has been a problem from the very beginning, you might need a “complete overhaul” to fix the issues you’re currently experiencing.

But many times, all you need are just a few minor adjustments here and there, to add up to some big payoffs!

If that’s the case for you, then start by first clarifying what your website should be saying to your audience (using the questions below), and then tweak your website so it says just that (more on that next week, in Part 2).

Two BIG Questions You Must Ask Yourself

1) “What are the top 3 to 5 qualities or characteristics I want to be known for?”
These are the things that you want to really jump out at your ideal customers, when they land on your website…such as integrity, powerful, approachable, organized, stylish, spiritual, manifestation of beauty, balance in life, ambition realized, or women’s empowerment.

2) “What message do I want to communicate to my audience?”
In other words, decide what you want your tribe to understand about your business. Take your core mission as an entrepreneur, marry it to the problem your ideal clients want you to solve, and boil it down to the most essential truth that members of your target audience need to know. For example, you might say “My tribe MUST know that I’m different from other (fill-in-the-blanks), in that I’m brutally honest and outspoken about their deepest issues, and I employ radical techniques to help them turn their lives around. And they need to be open-minded to this approach, and ready to transform their lives for the better; otherwise, I’m not the right person to help them.”

You don’t have to think too hard on it, but DO take a few minutes to sit and ponder what message (and impression) you really want your tribe to perceive when they visit your site. And then, look for Part 2 of this series next week, where I’ll walk you through some easy website tweaks you can do to put your site in better alignment with your message!

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