Kick Off 2014 With Fantastic Biz Lessons Gleaned from ABC’s Once Upon a Time (2 of 2)

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When it comes to creative pursuits—outside of business—I love arts & crafts (painting, scrapbooking, even jewelry making, to name a few).

And likewise, for entertainment like movies and TV, I tend to go for the fantasy genre most of all…because it’s mind-boggling to see what fantastic worlds can come about, with a heaping dose of unbridled imagination + ingenuity!

Once Upon a Time - Captain HookLast week, I gave you the first half of 14 “biz lessons” gleaned from my favorite TV show, Once Upon a Time. So now, without further ado, we continue the exploration into what can be learned from this conglomeration of fairy-tales-flipped-upside-down-and-inside-out…

8) Turn convention on its head! (Your tribe may just LOVE it!)
Wait just a darn-stinkin’-minute here… Snow White with short hair?! A devilishly handsome Captain Hook, who even as a pirate can be a hero?! Red riding hood is a werewolf, okay that’s kind of obvious, but still! And Jiminy Cricket’s “Storybrooke” self (a real-world human, not an insect) is a psychiatrist who owns a Dalmatian named Pongo? Sure, ABC is owned by Disney, but oh-my-stars, never in a million years would I dream they could fit so many characters into one show, and weave them all together into such a seamless tapestry.
{TAKEAWAY: What traditional business “stories” have you been feeding yourself & your tribe, that perhaps aren’t true or would work better when turned upside down? For example, you could move from an hourly pricing model to a value-based pricing system. Or follow your dream to travel the world, but don’t just hole up in a coffee shop in France and work remotely—travel TO your clients, or hold live workshops in the cities you visit.}

9) Switching sides, or “reaching across the table”, can be beneficial for business.
It’s a strange thing, when the villain decides (or tries) to be on the good side! In the first half of season 3, we witnessed Regina (the Evil Queen) and Rumplestiltskin (the Dark One) actually working together (sometimes dissonantly, however) with the good characters, in order to save Henry. And they succeeded!
{TAKEAWAY: Would your business benefit from switching industries? Maybe you’ve outgrown your current title, and are ready for a monumental shift—like from private coaching to public speaking on a national scale? Or, perhaps there is someone in another industry you could partner with on a project, that would be mutually beneficial to both of you? Hmmm…}

10) Don’t be afraid to take your business to new places.
In Once Upon a Time, the characters originated in their own worlds…then, they came to our world…then, to Neverland…now, they’re back to their own worlds again…and who knows what’s next! ABC even spun-off another show called “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland”! (Alas, my TV-viewing agenda is already full, otherwise I would probably be hooked on it too!)
{TAKEAWAY: What do you stand to gain from taking a leap, say from client work to teaching live workshops, or by adding company-branded products like t-shirts to your already-thriving product line, or from a one-person business to hiring your first employees? Wherever you dream of going with your business, DO IT!}

11) Mind your reputation—it’s everything to your business!
In Rumplestiltskin’s father (a.k.a. Peter Pan), we see a picture of a life gone awry because of poor choices and a tarnished reputation. He chose to go to Neverland to escape his reputation as an irresponsible drunkard who tricked people out of their money. He wanted a fresh start, and he got that and a lot more, for a while (if you don’t watch the show, let’s just say…it ended badly for him).
{TAKEAWAY: As the saying goes, it takes years to build your reputation (or brand), and only one stupid decision to ruin it. Personally, I think it’s a wonderful idea to write up a standard of values and conduct for your company (like how you want to treat your customers, and what image you want to project for the business), for you and your employees to abide by. Accountability is grand!}

Once Upon a Time - Henry12) You don’t need a “perfect” team to accomplish great things.
Nothing quite like a Snow White + Prince Charming, evil Queen, Dark One, a pirate, a fairy who lost her wings, and other questionable characters, all getting together and somehow managing to save the day.
{TAKEAWAY: You don’t perfect people to build a successful team…you DO need folks with a variety of complimentary gifts & talents, and a willingness to work together for a common goal.}

13) Even if you lose your way for a time, never give up on yourself or your dreams!
In Once Upon a Time, Tinkerbell lost her wings after she made some foolish choices. But after years (or longer) of living on Neverland as a “fallen” fairy, she gets the chance to help the aforementioned entourage accomplish their goal, and she ultimately believes in herself enough to save the day—thereby getting her wings back. Finally.
{TAKEAWAY: Maybe you veered way off course from your business plan, forgot what your greatest talent is (and as such, neglected to share it with your tribe), or let your skills slack off because you were too crazy-busy putting out fires to nurture them (excuses, excuses, right?). Once you’re aware of the error, take steps to correct your path, trusting God to guide you back to where you need to be. And don’t give up! Remember, as per #1, there is always hope.}

love14) (Last, but not least): Never give up your heart!
Peter Pan wanted Henry’s heart, not for good, but so Pan himself could become immortal. Henry, despite the urgings of his family not to do so, handed his heart (literally) to Pan. And he would’ve paid the ultimate price for it, if it weren’t for swift action by his family and a little magic to save his life.
{TAKEAWAY: No matter what the naysayers tell you, don’t let them steal your passions. If you have a brilliant idea, or a budding business, or even an enviably successful business, don’t let the entrepreneurial vampires steal your heart. They may tell you “That will never work”, or “Why don’t you get a real job?”, or “Who are you to make a living having fun, while we toil away at jobs we hate?” But don’t believe a word of it! As in the Bible, the Lord forgave the people who crucified him, saying “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing” (Luke 23:34). And you can do the same for your naysayers; so after you plug your ears and walk away, forgive them and get on with your awesome entrepreneurial journey!}

Ah, how much there is to be learned, even from frivolous TV-watching, ha-ha! I hope you enjoyed this two-part series of business lessons for 2014, and if you did—please leave a comment below and tell me so! I love hearing from you 😉

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