Case Study: The Oh-So-Awesome Inside the Jungle Magazine

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Sweet Dreamer, you probably already know that back in October, I launched the first issue of my magazine, Designed2Flourish.

InsideTheJungle logoBut what you may NOT know, is that immediately after launching D2F, I was hard at work on another magazine: Inside the Jungle—published by my friend, Nadine Nicholson of MeJane Enterprises. Her mag was set to debut November 12th, and she wanted the same fantastic design treatment for Inside the Jungle that I had put into my own mag!

So we set to work, and here’s what went down…

Our Objective: Nadine wanted Inside the Jungle to have the same look & feel as her MeJane brand, so it would be easily recognizable as part of MeJane. She also wanted it to be eye-catching + impactful, with plenty of color and variety—and to drive home the concept of each piece in the magazine with a powerful photo.

ItJ-toc-shadowHow We Did It:
1) I incorporated the MeJane leopard print to much of magazine (footers, author quotes, and so forth), as well the MeJane colors (rust red, turquoise, brown, and mustard). It’s such a distinctive combination, there’s no mistaking that Inside the Jungle is MeJane. And with the use of all four colors interchangeably throughout the magazine, there is plenty of variation from article to article.
2) The core foundations of the magazine (the table of contents (at left), for example) I set in Roboto Slab—the same font used throughout the MeJane brand. But for the article titles, I took more creative liberty, deciding on a unique font(s) that would bring each one to life.
3) We searched for, and found, the best possible photos that would bring out the personality and main points of each article. ItJ-Jessica-Kupferman-edgedFinding the perfect photo wasn’t always easy, but when we hit on a winner, it was so worth it to see the final result!
4) Of course, there was a lot more that went into it—like deciding which colors to use where, and fitting all the different pieces into place so everything worked together as a whole…but you get the idea. 🙂

What Readers Are Saying About Inside the Jungle:
“WOW! What a great publication! I ate it up.”
“What I loved the most about Inside the Jungle was how each of these women made it so crystal clear that you can absolutely have a successful business on YOUR terms. It can be sustainable and profitable. It can totally evolve however you want and still stand strong. Most importantly, it’s imperative you take your own path. Hearing this, just made me that much more excited to start this journey! “
“Fantastic magazine! Finally there’s a place where I can “go” to read and relate with other womenpreneurs! Now that I know it’s normal to have rough patches and get side tracked when running your business I feel like I’m no longer alone and that I can actually do this thing and build a successful business!”

Wanna read it?

Inside the Jungle - issue 1Take it from me—Inside the Jungle is pure awesomeness! The finished mag contains juicy + candid interviews with 20 mega-successful women entrepreneurs, dishing about their biggest challenges, the fears and uncertainties they’ve conquered along they way, and how they’ve made it to where they are today.

Go here to grab your FREE copy of Inside the Jungle magazine!

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