What makes an experience AWESOME? (or, How to Make Your Customers Fall in Love with Your Biz!)

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Love it! Create an awesome experience for your bizThink about your favorite places/businesses (restaurants, stores, companies, etc.).

Chances are, it’s not just their product or service you love. It’s the total package!

{ { For me, that would be the crazy-hippie-au-naturale-fun-weird vibe at Freebird’s World Burrito here in Texas. And the unlike-any-other furniture shopping experience at IKEA. And in the small biz’preneur world, I dig Alexandra Franzen for her kooky’n’colorful take on business, life, and love. } }

What are your favorite companies?

Let’s say you want to capture some of that “experience” magic for your own business (you know you do!). Here are three essentials you need to know.

Keys to an Effective (and Awesome!) Brand Experience

Make it authentic. It should feel like a natural (seamlessly integrated) extension of YOU/your brand. Your brand experience should ooze YOU, if that makes any sense. Have you seen Alexandra Franzen? Her website, her new book, everything…it all just fits – like a total package.

Make it human. Make your peeps feel a connection with you…make them feel welcome + appreciated…show them the real you…give them something they can relate to and even love and be loyal to.

Make it tailored…to the needs + wants of your ideal consumer. Things like how they search for info, what they like & respond to, their tastes and preferences, should all be taken into account. You want them to love it, right?

I’ll talk more about all this “experience” thing in the coming 3 weeks (to give you ideas and tips on each of the above). So stay tuned!

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