The Key Ingredients Your Business May Be Missing

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I’m gonna geek out on you here (don’t say I didn’t warn you!)…

I find it fascinating that, when it comes to what makes people buy/love/patronize the heck out of a particular business, the product or service is only part of the equation.

There are so many other things that factor into whether people are actually going to buy what you sell, how loyal your tribe is to your company, and whether you’re swimming in a pool of referrals and word of mouth – or dry as a desert.

gift“Customer service” is a biggie for sure – the way you treat your clientele plays a huge role – always has, always will. But beyond that, there are so many ways to create an awesome overall “package” for your clients or customers, besides just having a “great product/service” and “excellent customer service”.

And I know you’re willing to do the legwork, to give your people an excellent experience – for the benefits it brings to your business, and the positive effect it has on the lives of your customers.

So here are a few “how can I create a fantastic experience for my tribe?” questions to jump-start your creativity:

What are you exceptional at, that your peeps would love to see more of? For example, if your video blogs rock, then record a video greeting for places like the welcome page where your new subscribers land…or a shout-out/question/call-to-action for your Facebook fans.

What defines your business (personality-wise)? How can you amp that up in the experience you provide for your followers? Don’t hide your quirks – they could be the very things that your people will love!

What can you do (above + beyond what you’re already doing), that would make your customers’ lives even easier/better/happier? Maybe you could streamline your website, to make it SO intuitive it takes your visitors mere seconds to find what they’re looking for…or create different email subscription options, like a monthly or quarterly option for people who WANT to hear from you (just not every day/week)…or package your products (digital or otherwise) in a way that brings a smile to their face, or adds additional value beyond what they expected.

chocolate cakeHere’s some food for thought: What you offer (your product or service) is the essential ingredient in the cake of your business. It may be AWESOME – but by itself it’s kinda lonely, and it really needs supporting ingredients to make it rise/taste great/attract tons of cake lovers (so don’t forget the frosting…mmm!).

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