Go the Extra Mile to Reach Your Dreams

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NYC skyline artworkSo…I just got back from an ah-mazing trip to New York City + Niagara Falls!

I’d been dreaming of going there/seeing those places nearly my whole life (that’s 28 years, if you’re counting).

And, I had to climb a few stairs, wait in a few lines, and go through lots of security screenings—to see the spectacular sights + get the surreal experiences I’d hoped for.

Not only was all that effort totally worth it, but it reminded me: That often in life, the sweetest rewards are the ones that you really have to go the extra mile to get. The ones that are off the beaten path, that require advance planning, sacrifice, patience, sweat/blood/tears…whatever the case may be.

You probably see where I’m going with this. 🙂 Entrepreneurship—your business aspirations, goals, and dreams are like that! If you really WANT it, you have to be willing to climb your way up the mountain – even when it feels like the effort is too much, or the climb is taking too long. Because believe me, when you get to the top (reach your next big goal), the view is awesome and the satisfaction is great!

Like what I did…

me & Lady Liberty
inside the crown…going through security, riding a boat, walking a long distance, putting extraneous belongings in a locker for safekeeping, going through more security, then climbing a narrow, tightly winding, seemingly never-ending, dimly-lit staircase – to stand inside the crown of the Statue of Liberty and feel that “Holy WOW, I’m really, really here, inside this iconic American treasure that symbolizes everything we stand for, that I’ve been seeing images of my whole life, and here I am!” moment. Best thing EVER, hands down.

911 memorial pool…walking around (and around, and around) construction, following a winding path to finally reach a security checkpoint…then more winding lines and walking…rounding the corner and then – there they are. The 9-11 memorial pools, where the twin towers once stood, and where so many lives were lost + our nation (and the world) changed forever. Beyond words, and so worth the wait.

stairs to the Hurricane Deckbraving the falls…climbing down, around, and back up-up-up a wooden staircase – to stand beneath one of the greatest natural wonders of the world. Throwing caution to the wind, at the Cave of the Winds on the Hurricane Deck, no longer caring about getting wet or that the poncho only provides moderate protection. I wanted to be in the moment, even if that meant getting my cardigan soaked up to the elbows, my jeans soaked up to the knees, and my hair wet (when the wind blew my poncho hood off for a few seconds, which was plenty long enough to soak my short pixie cut!). (That’s me in the middle; my dad is on the left, my mom on the right.) A worthwhile sacrifice for something as fantastic + beautiful + awe-inspiring as Niagara Falls.

All this to say…

Life is short + dreams are awesome, sweet, and so worth fighting for. So get out there and work hard, keep climbing, take risks + make sacrifices, and above all…have fun doing it! Peace out. :)

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