Website Not Converting? This May Be Why…(+ 3 Solutions to Fix It!)

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I take it you’re not getting the results you want from your website.

And it’s probably not that you’re hearing crickets chirping (that would be a whole other post); you hear the full-on roar of traffic…but those people aren’t stopping long enough to engage with your business in any meaningful way.

So if you’ve got an amazing product or service, and a sound marketing plan, what else is gumming up the works, preventing your website from converting visitors to subscribers, or blog readers to customers, as well as it should?

Perhaps one of these things:

Lack of Attraction + Engagement (No bait on your hook, or too many lines in the water…)

chocolate (people bait)!

Use people-bait! 😉 The equivalent of chocolate for your website.

Problem #1 You’re not capturing the attention of your first-time visitors. And it shows, in your high bounce rate, and how little time visitors spend on your site before moving on somewhere else.
THE SOLUTION: Bait your home page or other landing page(s)! Put a juicy opt-in offer front & center, tell visitors in a quick nutshell what you do + why they should be interested, and give them something to get excited about (an awesome blog article, a fantastic testimonial, a free download, etc.)

Problem #2 Your personality is AWOL :(, so visitors see no apparent distinction between you and the rest of the faces + spaces + places in your corner of the web.
THE SOLUTION: Learn to wear your brand personality on your sleeve, whether that be YOU or the persona you’ve created for your business. Display it in living color…let it shine in your writing, images, or videos…make your website practically ooze with your own authentic brand of pizzazz!

Problem #3 Your website is disjointed/confusing as heck/messy as all get-out. Maybe you’ve changed directions, had content pile up, old buttons that no longer work…and as a result, visitors don’t make it more than five steps inside your front door before bailing on you.
THE SOLUTION: Go over your page hierarchy, getting rid of old (unnecessary) pages, consolidating where appropriate, and make sure that your navigation menu is up-to-date + leading to the right pages. Then, go over each page with a fine-tooth comb, ditching outdated content, removing items/widgets that aren’t serving their purpose, and paring down content so that what you have left is just the essentials. Finally, make sure everything works as it should. After a bunch of trashing + changing + tidying-up, enlist a few trusted friends, clients or customers to explore your site and you give feedback on how user-friendly and useful it is (or isn’t). And go from there!

Websites are like living, breathing entities, which should grow and evolve along with your business. (Tweet that!) Suffice it to say that, a little housekeeping once-in-a-while goes a long way towards keeping your site in tip-top lead-converting shape.

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