4 Brilliant Women, to Help You Along Your Biz Journey

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I LOVE being a solopreneur! (Just in case that wasn’t already obvious…)

I work independently, from home, with no boss breathing down my neck, and zero employees to manage. I call the shots, dictate the schedule, and do the work.

BUT (and it’s a big one!), I couldn’t do any of it without outside assistance. I’ve blogged about some of these helpers in the past…but THAT was then, and today I have some NEW (Brilliant!) faces to share with you.

Whether you’re a solopreneur like me, or you have a team of employees in place, I know you’ll appreciate the wisdom and expertise that these ladies offer.

And, who knows? Maybe one of them will help you take the next big leap in your business…or conquer the nagging problem you’re dealing with right now…or simply inspire you to be AUTHENTIC & REAL in your business!

Brilliance x 4,000

Willo O’Brien is a designer/illustrator-turned-coach/biz-consultant, and such an inspiration she is! Her e-mail newsletter is awesome, and only comes along occasionally (less than 1x/week), so your inbox stays sane. You’ll especially love Willo if you’re a creative-‘preneur, like me!

Michelle Ward | The WhenIGrowUpCoach is the best thing since sliced bread, for those of us who want to LOVE what we do & DO what we love…never mind the fact that we’re technically already grown up! Her blogs are insightful, with an air of fun-just-be-yourself’ness…which of course I love. 🙂

Miki Strong is my go-to gal for tips and advice… about everything from Twitter marketing, to reaching six figures, to taking time for self-care. She gives a fresh take on things like, what to do when that supposedly fool-proof marketing system fails (good to know!).

Nadine Nicholson | MeJane – The only thing cooler than getting dressed up in animal print + beating your chest Tarzan-style, is looking inside yourself to discover your very own MeJane (that gal who’s not afraid to be bold & courageous when it comes to what she’s passionate about, and who uses her time wisely according to what she values most). Seriously, I’m only 3 weeks into Nadine’s 10-week MeBoss Blueprint Program, and I’m already seeing the sparks fly + making strides! 😉

Who is your inspiration? Who do you turn to for business advice, when the going gets rough? Tell us about it in the comments…

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As the graphic designer & founder of Sweet Dreamz Design, Barbara loves working with women entrepreneurs to brand their businesses. She shares a variety of small business advice and anecdotes here on the blog. Check back every week for new tips, inspirations, and how-to articles, or subscribe to get regular updates in your inbox each week!

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