Up the Ante for Your Customers & Your Business

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messy desk

We live in a complex world, do we not? » » »

Don’t even get me started…all the stuff we have to wade through…websites + apps + information overload, the day-to-day chaos of life, or the clutterful mess that sprouts up like fungus in your very home or office space. It’s crazy-town!

So how do we ever make sense of it all? By designing a neat-n-tidy, aesthetically pleasing, expressive and efficient world for ourselves (and our families, friends, neighbors…and customers!) to live in, of course.

Think about it – how awesomely helpful is it to have big, bold street signs telling you where to turn?
To wear a gorgeous dress that makes you feel oh-so-confident, as you step out on stage to give your signature talk?
Lovely, Organized Workspace« And to relish that lovely office décor you so carefully curated, which brightens your mood and helps you stay motivated, as you toil away at your daily business tasks? Pretty fantastic, right?

What’s even better, though, is that those same design principles that make your home environment more efficient, your wardrobe figure-flattering, your local grocery store pleasant (or not) to shop at, can up the ante for your customers and/or clients, and grow your business above and beyond!

Here’s how to do it:

1 Make order out of your chaos, by presenting your info in a coherent, easily digestible way. That means saying NO to: endless lists, jumbles of content so jam-packed on the webpage they’re practically spilling over, or scads of text without any visual coloring or images to support it. Remember to K.I.S.S.: Keep It Simple Smart 😉

pointing-hand2 Enhance your message. Use images to get your point across, choose colors that are appropriate to your business and/or the topic at hand, and place things strategically to show your peeps what you want them to do (or see) next.

3 Craft a unique experience for your users. Make your website a pleasant place where they love hanging out. Package your products in memorable materials, so they’ll have a ball just opening it up! Give them something to anticipate…something to tell their friends about…something distinctly YOU.

4 (Gently) guide your consumers’ behavior. Make your buy button a different color than everything else; draw attention to your signature product, with a prominent display on your home page. Encourage them to share your blog posts more, with an eye-catching + attractive social sharing bar. Make it easy for them to take the next step!

5 Express yourself. Help your peeps get to know you/your biz, by wearing your personality where they can see it. That way, your “right” clientele can fall in love with your biz right out of the gate!

Curate the world you want your target audience to be attracted to. Create the environment you want them to walk into. Give them a fantastic + unique + pleasant experience, and they’ll have that much more reason to hang around, and invite their friends too (the more, the merrier!).

blue planetWhat kind of world do you want to create for your customers?
Head on over to this page to apply for a complimentary Brilliant Brand Strategy Session with me. I’d love to help you craft a brand experience that’s oh-so-YOU, and oh-so-ATTRACTIVE to your ideal peeps!

Messy desk photo by Wire Lizard via Flickr (CC).
Neatly decorated office photo by nkeppol via Flickr (CC).

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