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Last week, I talked about how to have a happy, effective relationship with your service provider (be it your copywriter, coach, designer, or someone else entirely). But, maybe you haven’t yet found a [social media manager/virtual assistant/whatever-you’re-looking-for] to help you out.

So, I thought it would be appropriate if, this week, I give you my recommendations for some (real) totally-awesome people, services, and resources – who can help you DO MORE + GREATER THINGS in your business!

solo, but not without supportBecause even though I’m a solopreneur, and do a lot of things myself (and perhaps you do too), I’m learning that I can do so much more, and reach greater heights in my business, when I enlist great people to help me (like my business coach, and my lovely mastermind group {Hello ladies!}).

Service Providers:

Nadine Nicholson
Nadine is awesome! She’s in the finishing stages of transitioning to her new brand, MeJane, where she teaches women like you and me to “be the best boss you ever had”. Talking with Nadine has made me realize just how important self-leadership is, and I’m very glad to be learning how to be my own best boss, with her help. 🙂

Alexandra Franzen
…is only the world’s most fantastic copywriter for small businesses! While I’ve never hired her directly, I hear she’s the cat’s meow ;)…and I can personally attest that her e-mails are awesome, and her script packs are super-useful & jam-packed with extra advice.

Stephanie Pollock
Stephanie’s Going Pro magazine is a super kick in the pants for anyone who aspires to step up their game and GO PRO in their business. And, she’s the co-creator of the Mags to Riches e-course, which helped me tremendously in publishing my very first magazine.

+ Business Tools!

Okay, so this technically isn’t a “business” tool, but what business owner doesn’t have a ton of passwords to remember? In that regard, LastPass is amazing, because it securely stores ALL your passwords in one place, and gives you the option to auto-fill or even auto-login (meaning, it clicks the button for you!) your username and password for each different site you go to. They even have a paid (but still very inexpensive) version, that allows you to access and auto-fill/-login your passwords on your smartphone! How cool is that? No more panicking when you’re away from your office and can’t remember the password to check your e-mail. 😉

If you use e-mail marketing in your business, as I do, Digioh is a marvelous addition to your account: It allows your subscribers to securely download files, like your e-books, photos, worksheets, or whatever you want to give them. No more uploading the files to your website, where technically anyone could find and download them (not good, if you want said files to be for subscribers only). Instead, you upload them to Digioh, and if any non-subscriber tries to access the file, Digioh requires them to subscribe to your list before they can download the file. The service works alongside many major e-mail marketing platforms, including AWeber and MailChimp.

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How about you? What service providers, tools, or even gadgets do you use and recommend? Share yours with us in the comments below!

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