Unmistakably YOU: 5 Ways to Be Memorable + Sought-After

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professorIf a college professor were to teach a Small Biz Survival 101 class, what do you think the lessons would be? Among other things, I imagine there would be a huge chapter devoted to the importance of being memorable.

And, the discussion in the classroom on that day (or week) might sound something like this: “In this day and age, the most successful businesses aren’t JUST selling a decent product or providing a standard service; they’re selling a unique experience, to a unique audience. See, for example, how IKEA thrives, on it’s unconventional business model that brings Scandinavian design to the DIY crowd at affordable prices?…

But textbook examples aside, what can YOU, as a small biz’preneur, actually DO to be unforgettable + sought-after by your ideal customer or clients? Here are five suggestions:

  1. Inject your personality into your brand, and let your interests + values dictate how you do business. Seriously, it can be the difference between running a boring business that attracts no one, and having a fun, fulfilling business that attracts your ideal clients!
  2. Create unique products, or figure out how to take the ones you already have, and give them an extra edge. Find a problem that needs to be addressed, or that could be remedied in a better way, and develop a product to solve it. Or, take your product, and add rarely-done-yet-desirable-and-profitable extra features to it (like what Spanx founder Sara Blakely did, creating lingerie that’s both comfortable AND figure-flattering).
  3. Focus on the top “gifts” that you bring to your business (like your ability to get to the bottom of what’s holding your coaching clients back – in one 30-minute session; or your artistry that makes every photo you take look like a museum-worthy masterpiece), and find a niche audience that needs + wants + LOVES those things, and is happy to pay you top-dollar for those specialized + excellent products and services.crown royalty
  4. Take your standard product or service, and turn it into a five-star experience. Crank up the drool factor, with members-only pricing, fancy packaging with bonus goodies, extra 1-on-1 time with you, and so forth…to turn your otherwise common offering into a fantastic, unforgettable, one.
  5. Make your customers feel like royalty! Give them unexpected free gifts with their purchases, or lavish them with appreciation + love every time they buy (or subscribe to your list, or even share your stuff on social media), and generally give them an experience to remember – from the time they first visit your website, to their Nth purchase and beyond.

It’s cliché, but if you want to be memorable, think outside the box! How can you take your business from ordinary to extraordinary, using your creativity to develop new-and-different offerings + better ways to serve your tribe? If you have some additional ideas, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below. 🙂

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