How to Rise Above the Pack (No biting or clawing required…)

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Chances are you’re painfully aware, that yours is not the only business in your industry or specialty. That there are dozens, if not thousands, of other [writers/designers/makers/coaches] who are vying for the same end-consumers that you are. And you may think that there is no way you can compete…

kitten fight

But that’s so NOT true!

Those other businesses…they’re not all a bunch of perfect robots in a cutthroat competition against one another. Really, can you imagine the fur flying + biting and scratching if everyone were competing against everyone else for the exact same target customers in the exact same niche? YIKES!

Luckily, we human beings are one-of-a-kind creations (thanks be to God!). And since each entrepreneur has different ideas, methods, gifts & talents, style, et cetera, that they bring to their business…and each potential customer desires different things, and subscribes to different values and beliefs…we CAN each find our own niche.

SO, to create a standout, successful business, take a long, hard look at who YOU are, what you have to offer, and how those things meet up with the desires of the specific people you’re aiming to serve.

Three Questions to Ask:

1st:What unique gifts do I bring to the table?” (This can include everything from your talents, to personality quirks, passions, and more).

gift2nd:What sort of extra-special human beings (or other businesses) do I want my business to cater to?” (Describe your ideal client or customer in detail: like, what they do on their days off, what are their beliefs/hopes/dreams, or what do they like to eat).

3rd:And, how can I connect my gifts with their needs/wants?” (Work at this one from both sides; ask yourself who would most want/benefit from your unique offerings, and then flip it, and ask how you can use your gifts, talents, and quirks to cater to the people you want to serve).

There may be thousands upon thousands of other product-makers or service providers like you…but you’re the only one who has your unique combination of skills+styles+quirks=offerings. Find a niche of consumers who are totally in alignment with your values, and who want what you sell, and you’ll have the foundation you need to build a thriving, standout business!

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PHOTO CREDIT: Kitten fight photo by Jennifer C. via Flickr (CC).

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