Double Your Conversion Rate With These 3 Simple Strategies

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2x the conversionsWhat would it mean for your business, to double your click-through or sales conversion rate? Or triple engagement among your blog readers, keeping them interested + informed = coming back for more? Awesomely beneficial, right?

But, I’m guessing you’d rather not manipulate your customers to make that happen (that would be so…unsavory). You just want to gently nudge them in the right direction…

…which can be accomplished easily, with subtle visual cues!eye No matter what your goal for them (clicks, subscribes, joining your insider club, or making a purchase), your customers will be much more likely to do that action if you lay out a clear path for them to follow.

Here’s how:

1 Lead the way with color! It’s simple really; things that you want them to see first, should be the boldest and most colorful (for example, your company’s name, or the title of your feature article that you want them to read). Then, when it gets down to the action-item stuff, like your “Subscribe Now!” button, make the desired action-item a different color from everything else – make it POP so interested parties can’t miss it.

target2 Illustrate your point with pictures. Whether you’re composing a blog article, a sales page, or copy for a brochure, photographs and graphic images are a must for bringing your words to life + driving home your main points + enticing people to take action. Plus, a long article with pictures is much more likely to be read and understood than one without pictures (you already know this, if you’ve ever quit reading a long blog post because your eyes grew tired of all the words, words, words with no images to break them up).

3 Mind your vibe! The impressions you give off, on your website, in your Twitter profile, or other places like on your business card, have an effect on what actions (if any) prospective customers will take. Imagine a streamlined vs. messy website, a sassy vs. sophisticated brochure, or a casual vs. professional headshot…depending on the type of customers you’re catering to, what sort of vibe would draw them in + make them want to read, subscribe, and/or buy? Once you know the answer, you can add, remove, or rearrange things to achieve that vibe.

It’s a visual world – images have nearly unlimited potential to enhance, support, and build on your written and spoken words – so use these strategies to your advantage, to help your peeps find what they’re looking for, introduce them to your newest offering, encourage them to make a purchase, and beyond.

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