E-mail Marketing Handbook, Part Two (Essential things to gain, and connect with, subscribers…)

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This is Part Two of my 3-part series on e-mail marketing. This part is all about opt-ins and autoresponders; coming in Part Three: what kind of e-mails to send for best results.

How’s your e-mail marketing technique? Barely there, or a little rusty perhaps?

Even if you already know what these two essential e-mail components are, and how to use them, you probably aren’t maximizing them to your benefit. (You know what I’m going to say: There is ALWAYS room for improvement. 😉 Feel free to tweet it out).

So, without further ado, I give you…

The Two Most Essential Components of E-mail Marketing (Besides the E-mail Itself)

The Almighty Opt-In Form: You know, that thing-a-ma-jig that magically turns your interested peeps into subscribers? They’re enticed by the prospect of free content, so they put in their e-mail address, and voila! You have a new subscriber (otherwise known a fan, prospective customer, member of your tribe, etc. etc. etc.).

So the important thing is, how can you make your opt-in more enticing + attractive, so as to get more people off the fence and onto your list? A couple of pointers:

  • Add some drool-factor! You may have heard that you should offer a freebie incentive, like an e-book…but don’t just call it something generic like “How to Do Stuff” – instead, give it a catchy title, like “The How-to-do-Stuff Manual: Get That Sh*t DONE!”. You get the idea.
  • Direct their attention to your “Subscribe” button! Make it big, easily readable, and splash it with a different color than the rest of your website…so it stands out, as if to say “That e-mail address is locked + loaded, now CLICK ME already!”.

The Amazing Autoresponder: E-mails that send themselves! You simply set them to go out a certain number of days, weeks, months, or even years from the date your peep subscribed, and there you have it. Automatic gift-giving, follow-up, welcome message, or whatever you want to send.

How can you make use of autoresponders to build trust + make sales + more? Let me count the ways (okay, so I’m not counting, but whatever)…

  • Lay out the welcome mat! The most common use of autoresponders is to welcome your new subscribers to your list. But don’t just say “Hey” – go farther. Tell them something about yourself that’s not posted or mentioned anywhere else; give them secret info about projects you’re cooking up; or, give them an extra freebie, on top of the one you advertised on your opt-in form.woman checking her e-mail
  • Make your entire free gift out of autoresponders. For example, give a 7-day course, broken down into one e-mail per day, each with an easily digestible nugget of insight. Or, a series of “mystery gifts” – one every day or week, so they have something new to look forward to.
  • Gather feedback. Send a link to a survey, ask your subscribers to tell you their most pressing questions that they’d like you to answer in your next e-mail, and so forth.

If you learned anything at all from this post, I hope that it’s to use these components as tools: to connect with your tribe, and share something of value with them. For now, class dismissed!

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