Sweet Honey! How to Get Your Website Visitors to Stick Around

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Notebook paper, fly paper, and honey…the first catches nothing, because it’s not sticky at all; the second catches unsuspecting flies whether they like it or not; the third catches honey-loving creatures (humans included), because they love the sweet + savory taste, and they’ve just gotta have that honey!

So…which one of these do you most want your website to be like? Surely not the boring, unsticky notebook paper, and not the swindling fly trap…chances are, you’re like me, and you want a honey-like website.drizzling honey You want your target prospects to be so attracted to your particular brand of honey, that they happily choose to “stick” to your website, your brand, and your business’ offering, because they LOVE your flavor and want more of it.

But, in order to accomplish that level of “stickiness”, you have to give them something to grab onto – because otherwise, they’ll just walk in your front door and exit straight out your back door, without ever plugging into your community. And that’s bad, because how will disconnected peeps ever hire you, purchase your e-book, sign up for your webinar, etc.? (They won’t, because they’ll never hear about any of those things!).

The Three Essentials of a Sticky Website

  1. The Opt-In Form is Queen Bee: Even if you already know this, it’s so important, it bears repeating… E-mail is the best way for prospects to get to know-like-and-trust you, not to mention it’s the best channel to keep them up to date on your offerings (if you haven’t yet started a mailing list, I recommend Aweber – it’s reasonably priced and has lots of great features and add-ons). So what should you do with your queen bee? Put it front-and-center, and don’t be afraid to put more than one form on the same page (for example, one at the top, another at the bottom), so even if your visitors overlook the first form, there’ll be another one waiting for them farther down the page.
  2. honey2

  3. Free Samples of Honey Go a Long Way: Whether it’s your blog articles, a full page of downloadable mini-booklets, or the free audio training you offer to new subscribers, samples are a great way to: allow your visitors to become familiar with your expertise; get them to spend more time on your website, which may lead them to your paid offerings; entice them to sign up for your e-mails; and more. Whatever your freebies are, make them easy to find on your site.
  4. Bee accessible! Don’t just leave your honey samples and buzz off where they can’t find you. honey beeMake it simple and easy for them to contact you, and if you have a specific sales cycle or other procedures you’d like them to follow (such as going through your assistant first, or you want them to book a mini-consultation before buying the whole package), make those instructions clear on your website.

Okay, enough with the honey bee analogies ;). Get to work making your website enticing, so more of those site visitors will stick around and join your tribe. Because, as Laura Roeder says, every fan, follower, and fanatic is a valuable addition to your community – even those who never buy from you, may be your best promoters, referrers, and supporters!

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