Choosing the Best Colors to Represent Your Business (Part 1)

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I LOVE COLOR!! There, I said it. But really, who doesn’t love color, at least to some degree?

Just be careful, when it comes to choosing colors to represent your business, that you don’t simply pick your two favorite colors and call it a day. Because what happens if your favorite color is totally inappropriate for the type of business you’re in? It could put your customers in the wrong mood, make them question your authenticity, or even cause them to misunderstand what your business actually does.

To prevent that kind of thing from happening, it’s important to know the symbolism and psychology behind your color choices. So to make it easy for you, I’ve made this special color wheel depicting the various meanings of the colors. (Plus, be sure to check back here next week, when I’ll publish a follow-up post with tips to help you choose the right color combination for your brand!).

color symbolism

Want more in-depth color info, like what red means in Chinese culture, or which color/shade of green would be most fitting for your biz? Check out my favorite color resource, It’s chock full of everything you could possibly want to know!

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