Short on Ideas? Shake Up Your Brain Waves!

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I’ll be the first to admit, sometimes I let myself fall into a funk. I do the same things day after day, following the usual patterns, habits, and so forth…until the day comes when I run short on ideas/creativity/innovative thought processes (who, me?! NO!). That’s when I know it’s time to shake things up!

No matter how old, young, rusty, out of practice, or cloistered you are, it’s a proven fact that introducing new scenery, activities, habits, and more into your life will actually cause your brain to grow (pretty cool, right?) So, if you’re sitting in your comfy desk chair reading this, and feeling like a zombie in need of some serious mental stimulation, perhaps it’s time to SHAKE UP YOUR BRAIN WAVES! 😉

My favorite “Brain Wave Shaking” activities…

  • Texas snow in JanuaryGet outside! Breathe some fresh air, and observe the beauty of nature. If it’s warm where you are, bask in the sunshine…if the air is frigid and snow is falling, hit the slopes (I’m SO jealous!).
  • Relocate/change your scenery! For example, turn off that TV, and eat your breakfast/lunch/dinner/supper outside on your patio instead. Or, if it’s cold out, eat by the window where you can watch the birds/small creatures/your neighbors children playing in the snow. Or even better, if you have kids, spread out a checkered blanket on the floor and eat picnic-style.
  • Read a new book…preferably one that really makes you THINK. As in, a work of fiction that stirs your imagination. Or a great psychology, business, or history book, that challenges your previous assumptions and turns your world on it’s head.
  • Learn something new…like a language (I’ve always wanted to learn German, how about you?). Or a sport (how about juggling, or curling? Or perhaps something more active, like snowboarding?). Or pick up a new hobby (bottlecap collecting, oil painting, or bird watching?).
  • Change your routine! Do your shopping on Thursday evening for once, so you can sleep in on Saturday. Instead of doing all your laundry in one day, try one load per day: throw it in the washer at breakfast, transfer it to the dryer at lunch, and fold it while you watch the 5 o’clock news. [BONUS – You might like the change so much, you decide to keep doing it that way.]brain waves

Let’s each commit to one brain-wave-shakin’ activity this week, shall we? It doesn’t have to be huge, just one small change is enough to get the ball rolling.


UPDATE: I got some sunshine with my breakfast this morning. 🙂

I’ll start — by eating my breakfast outside and enjoying this mild, sunny weather we’re having, instead of sitting at the kitchen table like I usually do. What are you going to do? Share your plans in the comments below!

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