Probing Questions to Help You Hone In On Your Passions

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Colorful passions... {Photo by "familymwr" on Flickr}.

Colorful passions… {Photo by “familymwr” on Flickr}.

What an amazing feeling it is, to be so in love with my work, so aligned with my passions, so in my element, that I just want to pinch myself, ’cause surely I must be dreaming. Years ago, I just thought I loved graphic design + art + being creative, but NOW? Since I’ve found my calling (helping women entrepreneurs), and incredible things are happening in my business? Now, I REALLY love what I do 😉

Do you feel that way about your business? Do you WANT to feel that passionate about your work (surely you do!)? Even if you already know basically what you love to do, there is always so much room for growth and further embracing your God-given strengths and talents. The following questions have helped me at various points in my journey, and I hope they’ll help you to!

Deep Questions

  • What core activities have you loved since childhood? (For example, being creative, solving problems, being a mediator, helping people overcome obstacles, tinkering with mechanical things, making art, and so on…)
    • What specific tasks do you enjoy that utilize those activities? Like maybe you get a thrill from solving complex problems, especially ones that require you to invent new products as the solutions.
    • What tasks do you get so absorbed in, that you lose track of time (meaning, you could do them for hours on end, and you’d be sad when it’s time to quit for the day)?
  • What excites you, or what do you look forward to doing? Put another way, what gets you out of bed every morning?
    • Think about your weekends (or whatever days of the week you normally take off). Which activities can you just not wait to dive back into come Monday morning? Is there something that totally tempts you to work weekends, even when you technically don’t have to?
    • What do you enjoy doing so much, you would happily do it as a hobby/for free just because?
  • Out of all the activities you enjoy, which would you be willing to make sacrifices for in order to build successful business around it?

Let these questions, and your answers, sink in and really help you get to the bottom of what you most love doing, as well as what makes you most happy and makes you feel fulfilled and purposeful. Your answers will tell you an awful lot about what you’re most passionate about (and perhaps what you’re NOT passionate about, which can be equally helpful).

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