With Holiday E-mail Marketing, Less Really is More

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With the beginning of the holiday shopping season only a few days away, your first inclination might be to e-mail your customers and prospects like mad, tossing them sales and product offers left and right. But, unless you want to drive them crazy to the point of unsubscribing from your list and running in the other direction, consider taking a less aggressive approach.

Here’s why:

Your customers are already going to be overloaded with tons of gimmicky corporate e-mails (I know this, because last year my fave retailers – Michaels, JCPenney, Ulta, to name a few – drove me INSANE with their constant flood of sales alerts and special offers from late November to early January). You can also assume that, overflowing inbox or no, your customers are already super-busy with the usual holiday preparations. So, you don’t want to contribute to their overwhelm with your e-mails.

Even if the holidays are your best season, your products make the perfect Christmas gifts, or your services are in high demand at this time of year, that’s still no reason to alienate your customers by behaving like an obnoxious door-to-door salesperson. Trust me, if don’t buy from you in the first or second rounds, hounding them further is not going to make them suddenly change their minds. If anything, being hounded will only make them hit “unsubscribe” that much faster.

What to do instead:

Choose quality over quantity!

  • Timing: Carefully plan out when you’ll want to send out e-mails. Choose times that are most convenient for the majority of your subscribers, and that coincide well with your sales or other events. Send once, and try to keep it at that, with maybe one or two follow-ups spread out over days or weeks.
  • Content: Write enticing, curiosity-inducing subject lines (none of that “Don’t miss this sale” or “Last chance to buy!” stuff…try something like “Get more out of your holiday budget” or “Need last-minute gifts? We’ve got you covered”). Then, make the body of your e-mail hard-hitting, here-is-an-amazing-offer, and this-is-why-you-should-take-advantage. It should be persuasive in a non-forceful way, and bonus if you make it informative too.
  • Call-to-Action: Give them a clear next step to take, so if they are interested, they can take action, as opposed to just letting the e-mail ferment in their inbox. This could be an invitation to buy, a call to submit a contest entry, or an option to sign up for more info or add a product to their wish list.

To reiterate, when you get ready to send out your holiday marketing e-mails, remember these points:
Less is More | Choose Quality over Quantity. Any questions? Comments? Leave them below!

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