Show Gratitude for Your Tribe

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With the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday less than two weeks away, now is the time to think about showing gratitude to your peeps. Especially for the people who contribute to, support, buy from, or otherwise influence your business!

We’ve all experienced how appreciated, needed, cherished, and cared for we feel when someone else takes the time to thank us. And, as an added bonus, feeling all of those things tends to elicit positive outcomes, like taking ownership in ones’ job, buying a company’s product more/more often, expanding a partnership, and so forth. So, take a moment to thank the awesome people in your business and life…if for no other reason than it will make them feel loved and appreciated!

Who you might want to thank:

  • Your fans and followers, because they listen, share, and generate buzz for your business. Tell them how much you appreciate their being part of your tribe by tweeting them, posting a love note on your Facebook page, or other quick digital shout-out.
  • Your employees, virtual assistants, interns, or other hired help, for working diligently to keep your business humming. Show them your appreciation with a handwritten note, a small gift such as a coffee mug or some sweet treats, or a similarly nice gesture.
  • Your customers or clients, because they buy your products/services, of course. Thank them for their loyalty, by sending out a free download, special holiday offer, or discount coupon. For your best die-hard customers, you may even want to send them a gift basket, a bottle of wine, or some other extra-special VIP treatment.
  • Your collaborators, mentors, and helpers, for partnering with you, sharing ideas, and/or creating something big that you could never have done without them. Let them know how much you’re glad to be working with them, with a nice note or token gift.
  • Your family and friends, for supporting you mentally/emotionally, and putting up with the highs and lows of business ownership. Shower them with love and gratitude, in the form of your time, affection, and thank-you’s (gifts don’t hurt either).

One last note: Don’t feel like you have to thank everyone before/on Thanksgiving; the Christmas/December holidays provide an excellent opportunity to thank people in the form of holiday cards, gifts, and goodies. If you have a lot of thanks to dole out, you still have plenty of time to spread the love across November and December.

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