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Social media is quite amazing, is it not? It puts the world at your fingertips, allowing you to connect with people across the globe: contacts, customers, and partners whom you never could have reached through traditional media. BUT how do you actually engage in social media marketing in a way that can grow your business, rather than just frittering away your time?

Enter LKR Social Media Marketer: the one-stop shop where you can learn everything you need to know about social media marketing! It’s the latest in social media education from Laura Roeder (and company), famous for her Zero to Facebook and Backstage Pass to Twitter programs. These and other LKR courses, which were previously only sold a la carte, are now available all under one “roof” for a flat monthly membership fee. It’s all there: everything from how to get started on Twitter, to setting up Google Analytics, to getting started on Pinterest, and more!

What these courses used to cost: roughly $200 to $1,000 per course.
What they cost now: Starting at $95/month for ALL of LKR’s courses, plus new ones rolled out every month or so!

What I Loved About LKR Social Media Marketer

  • With all the courses right there, you can easily cherry-pick what you need, and skip over the stuff you that doesn’t apply to you.
  • Checklists for everything from Twitter to YouTube and in-between! These are really handy for remembering to do all the little things that will help you get the most out of your social media efforts, such as setting up your bio and linking to your website.
  • A glossary! Finally, someone has put all the social media jargon into a easy-to-use glossary. Anytime you stumble upon an unfamiliar term (“What the heck is a hashtag?”), you can just look it up in the LKR Social Media Marketer glossary.

My Fave Course Videos

  • Advanced Social Media Selling: Profitable Relationships, and Social Media Selling System. These two videos contain some radical strategies for how to “sell” on social media, using approachable methods to send prospects into your “sales funnel” (as opposed to selling to them outright, which is a big turn-off). I had more than a few “Aha!” moments watching them.
  • Zero to LinkedIn: How to Get Leads on LinkedIn. This was great for clarifying what makes LinkedIn different from Facebook or Twitter, and how I could use it to gain leads, something that’s not typically done outright with the other platforms.
  • Advanced Business Systems: Turning Your Goals Into Systems. This one really clued me into the benefits of systematizing common tasks, like e-mail and document management. Very helpful if you’re buried under a mile-long to-do list, and wondering how you can iterate to make your business run more efficiently with less input/time from you.

Downsides to SMM

  • At $95 per month, the cost can easily add up; if you have issues with procrastinating (who doesn’t?), beware of letting your membership sit unused. You might want to set up a daily or weekly alarm in your task management, calendar, e-mail, or smart phone to remind you to devote some time to going through the courses.
  • There is a lot more beginner how-to-get-started content than advanced content. For me, since I’m already set up on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc., this was a problem. But of course, if you’re just starting out on social media, you’ll love the beginner stuff.
  • The discussion boards are not all that active. However, at the time I’m writing this, LKR has just switched to a different system that’s routed through Facebook comments, so members are automatically notified of replies through their Facebook pages. And discussions now take place directly on the course pages, rather than in a separate discussion forum. Only time will tell how this new system will affect participation levels.

So, here’s what I recommend:

  • If you’re a social media beginner, definitely check out Social Media Marketer, as it offers everything you need start taking advantage of social media as a marketing tool for your business!
  • If you’re already semi-established on social media, but wavering in terms of how to properly use it, how to track it’s effectiveness, and so forth, look into Social Media Marketer as a resource to help you move beyond the basics.
  • If you’ve been using social media for a while, and are at a pretty advanced level, Social Media Marketer might not be worthwhile for you. You might want to seek out some more advanced, and/or specialized, programs to help hone your social media technique even further.
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