CASE STUDY: Local Government Services

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For the past several weeks, I’ve had the privilege of working with Linda Hambrick, owner of central-Texas-based Local Government Services, on her business card and brochure. With the designs complete, business cards now printed, and the brochures currently in production, it’s time to take the wrappings off and share the details.

The Dilemma: Linda provides much-needed records management and secretarial services to municipalities across Texas. But how to communicate her layers of experience, proven track record, and record-organizing solutions to the city employees, council members, and other decision-makers? When I asked Linda what sort of impression she wanted to make on them, she said “I want them to think of me as the one who can solve one of their most boring, troublesome problems which is never ending – the management of records organization-wide. I want them to be reminded that I’m here to help them, that very few others even do what I do, and that I’m well known among their colleagues.”

The Solution: To get her message across, I chose to depict record sorting and filing as a cascade of boxes, with each one being laid into place to create a logical pattern. Add in some lively type to bring Linda’s tagline, “Making Order Out of Chaos” to life, plus her name front and center, and the point is made.

Together, the finished business card and brochure are helping Linda make her case to municipalities across Texas, allowing her to gain more business and rescue countless city employees from being buried under an avalanche of records.

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