WordPress Themes: Why I Chose Thesis

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If you’ve used WordPress at all, chances are you’ve encountered this problem: “Which theme do I use? Paid themes, free themes, e-commerce themes, premium themes, basic themes, and on and on…how can I possibly narrow it down to just one? And the RIGHT one, for that matter?”

Hold onto your computer mouse! Today, I’m going to explain why I chose to build my website with the Thesis theme, and what I love about it (so much so, that I’ve chosen to build my client’s websites on Thesis too).

What swayed me…

  • Above all, I wanted supreme customizability. I wanted a theme that would provide a solid foundation, while allowing me to do ANYTHING I wanted with it. Even before I installed Thesis, I made a promise to myself not to be influenced by the default theme appearance. I created the design you see here from scratch, then essentially bent Thesis to my will to make it display everything like I wanted.
  • I also needed built-in SEO. Search engine optimization is something I would rather not have to think about, and Thesis makes it easy.
  • I wanted an easy-to-use control panel for basic changes, along with the ability to add my own code to accomplish more complex changes.
  • Last, but not least, I needed an excellent support forum, so I could ask questions, expand my knowledge, and accomplish awesome technical feats.

What I Love About Thesis

  • I love that it does the dirty work for me (SEO, basic page templates, etc.).
  • I think it’s totally awesome that I can use this one theme to make an unlimited array of designs. [This is why use Thesis on my clients’ websites as well. They get a great-looking custom-designed site that’s tailored to their business, plus the ability to login to WordPress to update their site content and blog whenever they need to.]
  • Of course, I so appreciate the Thesis support forums, where I can always find the info and assistance that I need.
  • And finally, I love the Thesis blog updates, which automagically appear on my WordPress dashboard, toting useful business, marketing, and website tips.

So there you have it! Now that you know why I use Thesis, perhaps you have some better insight into what you might look for in your own theme. Or, maybe you’d LOVE to hire me to design your site on Thesis.

Having a heck of a time choosing a WordPress theme? Need more in-depth info about common themes, features, and things you should consider when picking the right theme for your site? Check out my WordPress theme guide! It’s an all-in-one resource with everything you need to know to choose a theme that will do your business justice.

How to Choose the Right WordPress Theme for Your Website

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  • Elizabeth September 25, 2012, 9:43 pm

    Barbara… thank you for sharing what theme you use AND your reasons for choosing it here. So helpful…. And I LOVE your wordpress theme guide. It’s totally making my life easier in choosing which theme to use! It’s fabulous. Thank you!

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