Snag More Followers with Your Twitter Profile

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So you’re on Twitter…and you’re tweeting like crazy, to make connections, get leads, customers, and so forth. But, have you stopped to think about what’s on your profile? It’s the first thing people look at when they consider whether or not to begin following you on Twitter, and yet, many Tweeps neglect to max out it’s potential for gaining new followers.

So how can you maximize your Twitter profile? Let me count the ways…

  • Your Handle: Before we go anywhere else, does your Twitter handle accurately describe you/your business? If not, it’s actually pretty easy to change it. Just log in to Twitter, and go to Settings > Account to do it. And remember that when your handle changes, so does the URL of your Twitter account; so, you’ll need to update any websites or other places that link to it.
  • Your Profile Summary: Next to your handle, this is the key thing people look at. Does it tell them what makes you unique and interesting? Your best bet is to give them an overall snapshot of yourself as a person: state briefly what you do, what your mission or purpose for being in business is, and a little tidbit about you/your life/what you do for fun. For example “Founder of MyFitnessStudio. I get my kicks from helping people lose weight and regain health. Proud mom of 3 boys, loving life.”
  • Your Profile Photo: Given that people want to know who’s behind your tweets, a great headshot is really a must-do for a strong profile. You may be tempted to sub in your logo instead, but unless you’re tweeting for a huge corporation or widely recognized brand, don’t do it. Your followers want to hear from YOU, not your logo.
  • Background Image: Don’t forget about this under-used asset of your Twitter profile page. It’s great for:
    • Displaying contact info.
    • Touting your company logo and/or mission statement.
    • Plugging an upcoming event.
    • Placing a call-to-action (to sign up for your mailing list, buy something, complete a survey, etc.)
    • Showcasing photos of your portfolio, products, services-in-action, and so on.

One last thing: Whenever you change your profile, especially your background image, you should test the new settings to be sure that everything is displaying correctly.

Class dismissed!

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