10 Cover Image Ideas to Educate and Entertain Your Fans

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Last week, I wrote about Clever Ways to Engage Your Facebook Fans, the last tip of which was to “Milk your cover image for all it’s worth!”. Then I promised to go more in depth on the subject of cover images next week. Well, next week is here, and the question is:

What should you do with that giant billboard taking up real estate at the top of your fan page? Obviously, you should use it your advantage. That being said, here are ten cool ideas for using it to educate your fans about your business, generate interest in what you have to offer, or just make a positive impression on them.

  1. Display your company logo. You’ll notice that your page’s title is in boring block letters, and by itself, looks just the same as the other millions of pages out there. But display your company name and/or logo above it, and suddenly your page actually looks as unique as your business.
  2. State your company mission or tagline. Use the available space to declare your company’s values, talk about the underlying passion that led you to start your business, or convey your purpose.
  3. Showcase an enticing image of your products or services. Beautiful still-life shots will do, but it’s even better to share pictures of your products being used by customers, your services in action, or even pictures of your facilities. Then again, if your product is so drool-worthy that it speaks for itself, by all means showcase it as a still-life.
  4. Show a behind-the-scenes photo of your product being made. It could be a single photo, or a step-by-step series showing how your product is made from start to finish. Let your fans see the care, craftsmanship, or effort that goes into each finished item.
  5. Put up your latest testimonial. Have a particular testimonial that really does your business justice? Enshrine it as your cover image for all your fans to see.
  6. Display an image or quote that aligns with your business’ beliefs. Such as “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” (Walt Disney). Don’t know of any? Check your Twitter feed; lots of people share nifty quotes or sayings with their Twitter followers. Or try a Google search like “business quotes” or “food quotes”.
  7. Entertain with a little-known-factoid about you or your company. Give your fans some additional insight into what makes your business unique, by sharing an interesting tidbit. Perhaps something about your background, or what drove you to start the company?
  8. Announce a special event, such as a contest or sweeps, a big sale, or other occasion. If you’re going to have an event anyway, why not use your cover image to advertise it to your fans?
  9. Create a hodge-podge of words and images that you want people to associate with your business. Think of all the qualities, offerings, and attributes you’d like to be known for, and incorporate them into a collage.
  10. Show a gorgeous photograph that will stir desire in the heart’s of your fans. Like a teaser to pique your fans’ interest. For example, if you sell cupcakes, entice fans with a decadent close-up of the frosting on one of your cupcakes. Or if you design clothing, use a photo of the luxurious fabric you used in your latest design, to make your fans wish they could reach out and touch it.

Try any one of these ideas, combine two or more into one cover image, or get creative and come up with your own unique idea. Have a clever cover image? Share a link to your Facebook page in the comments below so we can all see!

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