How to Discover What Makes Your Brand Unique

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Welcome to part two of my Branding 101 series! If you missed part one, Small Biz Branding 101: So, what is a brand, exactly?, click here to catch up.

So, you’ve figured out what branding is, and you hopefully have a pretty good idea why branding is so important to the success of your business. You’re now ready to dig in, to identify the important elements of your brand and discover what makes your business uniquely appealing to your customers.


I’m going to make this super-simple. Essentially, there are three steps that you should follow on the quest to brand discovery:

  1. Ask yourself the right questions. Dig deep, to get down to the bottom of the “why”, “what”, and “how” of your business.
  2. Answer thoughtfully and honestly. Don’t just accept the first thing that comes to mind; really think about what qualities make up the core identity of your business.
  3. Review your answers. Use them to get a clearer picture of your business brand, so you know without a doubt what draws people to your business, and you can use that insight to reach your target audience.

the Know Your Brand worksheetReady, set, go!
Get my free Know Your Brand worksheet, a four-step exercise I created to help you identify the unique elements that make up your brand, so you can leverage that uniqueness to attract your target audience!
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Stay tuned for the third and final installment of my Branding 101 series: How to Use Your Brand to Reach Your Target Audience, coming next week!

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