Clever Ways to Engage Your Facebook Fans

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Do you have a Facebook fan page for your business, but you’re not sure what to post on it beyond the usual “buy my stuff” pleas? I know the feeling. Once you realize that people don’t appreciate being “sold to”, and won’t respond well to that approach anyway, you find yourself wondering how to reach them in other ways.

So what can you do to attract more fans, and engage them as followers and customers? In a nutshell, post things that 1) Are helpful to them, 2) They will find interesting, 3) Will allow them to get to know you better and learn about your business, and 4) Get them engaged or involved. After all, these are folks who have voluntarily chosen to follow your page, so they want to hear from you (just not in a salesy “in-your-face” sort of way). So, without further ado, here are a few ideas to generate interest among your fans and get people talking about you on Facebook:

  • Post Photos & Videos (on your timeline, and/or in albums)
    • Of Your Products: Say you just introduced a new product. Post a photo of it with in interesting caption, such as a tip for using your product, an interesting fact about how you created it, or any other tidbit that your followers would find intriguing. This approach is way more subtle and useful than just posting a link saying “here it is, now buy it!”.
    • Products in Use: If you can, take photos of people actually using your products, and post them on Facebook. Ask your customers to submit photos, or even have them post their own photos directly on your page.
    • Services in Action: Service providers, you’re not off the hook here. Take some action photos; for example, if you’re a coach or counselor, get someone to photograph you and your client in the midst of a session (or if you conduct sessions entirely online, you could even post snippets of the session in audio format).
    • Visual Testimonials: If testimony from previous clients is a big selling point for your business, then create simple graphics of each quoted testimonial (use Photoshop Elements, Publisher, or whatever image software you have on hand), and load the testimonials into an album on your Facebook page.
  • Take Advantage of Tools (polling, contests, and so forth): Use the Question feature to quickly poll your audience, either for fun or to conduct research. Utilize Facebook apps to do such things as holding a contest or sweepstakes, or offering a free download to your fans.
  • And last but not least…Milk your cover image for all it’s worth! (Hold onto your hat…Next week’s post will be all about that big billboard at the top of your page, with ideas for using that real estate to your best possible advantage.)
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