4 Ways to Catch Your Customer’s Eye

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Have you ever wished you could coerce your customers into completing a specific action, like hitting that “Buy” button at the end of the checkout process? Complete mind control may be science fiction, but you can subtly influence people’s decisions using visual cues such as color to draw their eyes to wherever you want them to look. And by catching their eye, you’ll put them one step closer to reaching your desired outcome.

You may be wondering “How on Earth am I supposed to do that?”. No problem! The tricks are much simpler than you think:

  1. Use a different color to highlight things you want to stand out. If your website is mainly a red-and-black color scheme, for example, use green (complimentary colors work best, since they’re the polar opposite of each other — i.e. red vs. green, purple vs. yellow, blue vs. orange).
  2. Get rid of clutter. Make it easy for people to zero in on whatever it is that you want them to notice, by removing all distractions from the area around it.
  3. Use a bold color or pattern amid a low-key gray or neutral background. For example, you could have a special offer page with a mostly neutral color palette, then use a bold color on your “Buy” button to make it pop out from the rest of the page.
  4. Show them something unexpected. Like a crazy photo, or an unusual pattern — something that will grab their attention and make them take a closer look. Don’t go too overboard though, or you’ll send them running in the opposite direction!

These tips are especially useful for times when you really want to draw attention to a particular element, for example, the “Buy” button next to your featured product, the website listed on your business card, or the call-to-action at the end of your video. Use them wisely!

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About Barbara Austin

As the graphic designer & founder of Sweet Dreamz Design, Barbara loves working with women entrepreneurs to brand their businesses. She shares a variety of small business advice and anecdotes here on the blog. Check back every week for new tips, inspirations, and how-to articles, or subscribe to get regular updates in your inbox each week!

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