Work in Tandem With Your Business Card

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Does your business card say amazing things about your business, but your presentation says something different?
Or perhaps your elevator pitch is excellent, but your business card doesn’t follow through on that excellence?

No matter how you spin it, when you’re introducing yourself to a prospective client, networking contact, or other VIP, it pays to be in alignment with your business card. Here are just two of the potential payoffs:

  • The person you speak with will hear your introduction, AND will see the same message reverberated in the business card you give him/her. This kind of double-reinforcement will help them to remember you for future opportunities, such as leads, partnerships, and so forth.
  • By presenting the same message orally and on your card, you demonstrate consistency and reliability, and avoid giving your new contact mixed signals about your business.

As you’re working on synchronizing your pitch with your business card, consider these tips:

  • Showcase the value your company brings to the table, not just what it sells.
  • Your appearance is part of your presentation, so dress to impress (and dress appropriately for the type of business you are in).
  • Think of your pitch as the introduction, and your business card as a summary that your contacts can take with them.

How do you present your business in the best possible light? Share your networking and presentation tips in the comments below!


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