Want Your Business Card to Be Unforgettable? Grab some fairy dust…

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So you have a business card. So what? You pass it on to every networking contact, prospect, or new customer that you come across, and you just hope that they hang onto it and actually use it to contact you, become your customer, or refer others to you.

You (obviously) can’t control what they do with your card after you part ways, but you CAN influence their decision-making process, by having a memorable (read: unforgettable) business card. Why? Because memorable cards are more likely to be kept, and even if they do end up lost or discarded, the recipient will still remember (they may not recall your phone number, but as long as they remember your business, they can easily look you up).

So, what makes a card memorable?

  • Ultra-uniqueness. A one-of-a-kind business card stands out in the recipient’s mind, making it hard for them to forget.
  • Fits the company like a glove. When a card is closely aligned with the personality of the company it promotes, recipients will have a much easier time remembering what makes that company special.

Those are the basics, anyway. But getting into specifics, here are some of my favorite methods for making a stand-out unforgettable business card:

  • Make it different. Opt for an uncommon shape (circle? square?), or a bold color (neon or metallic foil, anyone?). Make it a folded card, or a transparent plastic card, or whatever will wow your recipients — just as long as it’s in alignment with the personality of your business.
  • Make it eye-catching. A pop of bright color or a beautiful texture are just two ways to make your card look interesting (which sparks the viewers curiosity and makes them want to take a second, or even third, look at your card.)
  • Make it perfectly suited to your business. It’s difficult to forget a  business card that is so oozing with personality that it practically speaks for itself!

One last note: With so many plain-jane business cards out there, being memorable is easier than you think. A smidge of fairy dust and a touch of magic will take your business card (and your company) a long way!

If you’d like to know more about business card design, and how Sweet Dreamz can help, all you have to do is ask me.

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