Are there gaping holes in your marketing strategy?

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Does your marketing resemble this cheese? If so, that’s a lot of holes for potential customers to fall through! It’s time to put a stop to the madness, right here and now, and patch up those holes so you can catch more potential customers.

But before I give you any hole-fixing instructions, it’s important to recognize how the “holes” got there in the first place. They can happen due to:

  • Using one single-minded marketing tactic to reach a varied audience, a.k.a. “putting all your eggs in one basket”.
  • Using the wrong techniques for your business.

So how can you fix the holes in your marketing strategy? By covering all your bases:

  • Advertising: Chances are you already do this, and probably way too much of it. If so, stop depending on paid advertising — it can only get you so far. On the flip side, if you’ve never using advertising, then give it a try. A little bit in the right place and time can go a long way.
  • Social Media: Are your prospective customers and loyal patrons using social media? If so, then you should be too! It’s a great way to stay on your customers’ radars, and keep them informed about your latest product offerings, sales, and so forth. Don’t worry about getting on every social media outlet that exists — just the top two or three that a lot of your customers are on.
  • Networking: No matter what type of business you operate, networking should be part of your outreach. It’s a two-way street, so try to give as much or more than you get. Your network can help you gain new customers, find new business partners, hire the right people, and discover new opportunities, and you can do the same for them.
  • Content Marketing: Master the art of providing free content for the purpose of helping others. By giving useful information in the form of free e-books, blog posts, video tutorials, and more, everyone wins. Your audience gets free information, and you get publicity and credibility.

By distributing your marketing “eggs” into a variety of baskets, and making sure those “baskets” are the right ones for your business, you can craft a hole-proof marketing strategy. Now get to it!

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About Barbara Austin

As the graphic designer & founder of Sweet Dreamz Design, Barbara loves working with women entrepreneurs to brand their businesses. She shares a variety of small business advice and anecdotes here on the blog. Check back every week for new tips, inspirations, and how-to articles, or subscribe to get regular updates in your inbox each week!

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