Want your event to be a success? Spark Excitement in Your Invitees!

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Picture this: You’ve laid out the details for a spectacular event, and are busy making arrangements and setting things in motion. You’re all hyped up about said event, when suddenly it hits you: “What if no one comes? What if I rent this huge ballroom, invite 200 people, and only ten show up? What if this event is a total failure?”. But instead of letting those fears consume you, or worse — cause you to cancel your event altogether, you take action on them!

With a bit of extra effort, you can excite potential attendees, so they can’t wait to come to your event. Of course, you can’t expect EVERYONE to come, but for those who have a genuine interest and ability to attend, the steps below will ensure that you have their full consideration!

  1. Grab their attention! Put an attractive headline, an eye-catching photo, or other compelling element in your event promotions, to spark their interest.
  2. Keep their attention: Give them a teaser; something that will turn that spark of interest into a flame that makes them want to know more.
  3. Show and tell: Now, let them know what to expect — what they have to look forward to in coming to your event. Ask yourself “What would make them choose this event, of all the other activities they could do or places they could go?”. Then use that answer to persuade potential attendees.
  4. End on a “you don’t want to miss this” vibe: Frame the event in terms of what they will be missing if they don’t come. If applicable, mention any incentives you’re offering, such as a prize drawing at a banquet or an exclusive training session at a conference.

The point here is to get people excited about coming to your event, especially if you want to attract as many attendees as possible (meaning you don’t have a closed guest list). When people get excited, they tell their friends, who then tell their friends, and before you know it, you could have a word-of-mouth chain of people talking about your event and making plans to attend.

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