Event Marketing: Tell a story, and they will come!

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This post officially kicks off my April series on event marketing! Spring is such a popular time for weddings, outdoor activities, and retreats, and what better way to entice potential attendees than telling them a great story? Stories can be told through invitations, on posters, in e-mails, or whatever medium you’re using to promote the event. Here are some ideas, broken down by event type:

  • Conferences: Get past attendees to talk about their experiences, such as the effect the conference had on their life. Tell people about the conference in a story format, instead of just giving an itinerary. Tell them how they will feel (for example, “You’ll be so (informed/educated/inspired) that you’ll spend the entire flight home (rereading your notes/making action plans/plotting how to take the world by storm)”)
  • Educational/spiritual/business retreats: Entice potential guests with a tale of “this is your life before our retreat” and “this is your better-than-ever life after our retreat”.
  • Outdoor team-building activities: Tell a story about a team of employees collaborating effectively, producing excellent results, and winning an award for their teamwork (or perhaps a raise) — then follow it up with something like “This could be you, with the help of our team-building exercises”.
  • Weddings: Tell about your journey as a couple. Make a timeline of the events that led to your first date.  Tell a story that relates to your planned wedding theme (for instance, a butterfly/floral theme could represent a shared love of nature). Remember that your invitees will be more interested in attending if they know why you’re tying the knot (especially for those who only know one of you).
  • Parties, such as birthdays, graduations, or baby showers: Give a “snapshot” of the future, like “When he’s struggling through his first year of college, he’ll appreciate the advice and encouragement of everyone who came to celebrate his high school graduation”.

These examples are only the tip of the iceberg. There are endless ways to use stories in your event marketing; the trick is to make the story unique and relevant to your potential attendees, to get them interested in coming to your event.

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