Love Your Work! Why Lack of Passion Can Hold You Back…

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Is the promise of a paycheck the only thing that gets you out of bed and off to work? Are you normally passionate about your work, but lately found yourself in a rut of boredom? If this sounds like you, Valentine’s Day is a great time to step back and evaluate your career path, and find work that you’re passionate about. Let me be clear: There is nothing wrong with working solely to support yourself and/or your family. However, if your job or business is making you miserable, then your health and well-being are likely to suffer, which is not good for you or your family.

In contrast, when you love your work, not only are you healthier and happier, but you also reap these rewards:

  • Motivation: By finding meaning and purpose in your life’s work, you can wake up with eagerness to start the day, and be motivated to work efficiently and get more done, which can in turn accelerate your business/career growth.
  • Caring: When you’re invested in your work, you care about the quality, the outcome, and how it affects others. And that’s great for business, because people like to work with (and buy from) people who care!
  • Heart: If you truly love what you do, you’ll put your heart and soul into it, making your business/career/venture/job so much more authentic and valuable to others than it would be if you were coasting along just for the paycheck.

So how can you bring more passion to your work?

  1. If you never loved your job/business in the first place, take an honest assessment of yourself, your beliefs, goals, interests, and so forth, to find what you’re really passionate about (and why you’re NOT passionate about your current gig).
  2. Take your passion and look for ways to turn it into a career. Or look at how you can adapt your current situation to incorporate your passion.
  3. If you were once in love with your business, but have lost that passion, ask yourself what can be done to get it back. Perhaps you’re spending too much time on tasks that you dislike; in which case, you could hire freelancers, interns, or others to handle those tasks. Or maybe your business is exactly the same as it was five years ago, so you no longer find it challenging. Look for ways to shake things up, dabble in a new area of interest, or grow your business in a new direction.

No matter where you are in your professional life, don’t be stagnant. Always look for opportunities to grow and change, whether that means discovering your passion for the first time, or keeping the fires of your existing passion burning bright!


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