How to Bring More Visitors to Your Website

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So you put up a great website to represent your company, but you’re not getting the traffic you expected. This is a common problem for small business websites; they get lost in the vastness of the internet, and few people know to look for them.

To remedy this problem, your first step is to make sure your website is SEO-optimized (meaning search engines like Google can easily find it). But beyond that, here are some easy tips to bring more people to your site:

Use paid advertising: this is an obvious fix; you place ads on search engines, or on websites where people in your target market spend a lot of time. Ads can work great when done correctly, but they do cost money, so be sure to weigh the cost against their effectiveness.

Inbound links –  the more the better: Every website that links to yours provides an opportunity for new people to discover your site, so the more inbound links you have, the greater the influx of visitors coming to your site. Activities such as guest blogging, being interviewed, publishing press releases, and being mentioned in/interviewed for news articles are all great ways to get more inbound links. You can also place links on your partner/vendor/affiliate sites (with permission of course), and on all your social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).

Put your website on all your marketing materials: Sure, it’s listed on your business card, but is it also on your brochure, flyer, and other print collateral? Every item that includes your company name and logo should also list your website; even seemingly small things like product labels, tags, and invoices/receipts. And don’t forget about communications: put it on your company letterhead and in your e-mail signature too.

Put simply, to bring more visitors to your site, you need to place your website address in as many places as possible – wherever your ideal customers are spending their time, and where they are most likely to find it.

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As the graphic designer & founder of Sweet Dreamz Design, Barbara loves working with women entrepreneurs to brand their businesses. She shares a variety of small business advice and anecdotes here on the blog. Check back every week for new tips, inspirations, and how-to articles, or subscribe to get regular updates in your inbox each week!

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