The Benefits of De-Cluttering

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As a child and teenager, it didn’t really bother me that my bedroom was often messy. I didn’t care if it took fifteen minutes to find something, or if I had to wade through stuff to get from the door to my bed; efficiency and stress reduction were not priorities at all. In college I became somewhat aware that clutter was a hindrance, but it still didn’t really bother me, and furthermore, I didn’t know how to deal with it.

It wasn’t until after college graduation that I truly realized how much discord, difficulty, and stress clutter can bring about. I decided to ban clutter from my life, and aim to have a beautifully organized home!

With all the de-cluttering that I’ve done (and continue to do), these are the top three benefits that I’ve experienced:

  1. Peace of mind and a sense of personal satisfaction: No longer do I have to look around me and cringe at the ugly mess; my organized space is much more pleasant to look at, live, and work in.
  2. Improved efficiency: No more being distracted by the mess around me; I can think clearly, and I know exactly where everything is, so I can find what I need at a moment’s notice.
  3. Ease of movement: I don’t have to step over the clutter to get from one area to another; instead, I can move freely to get where I need to go. This not only prevents many a stubbed toe, but also saves time.

How have I achieved this, you ask? First, I got mad – and declared war on the clutter,  thus motivating myself into action! Second, I read these books: Organizing for Dummies by Eileen Roth, and Organizing Magic by Sandra Felton. The former deals with the how-to of organizing, while the latter sheds light on the psychological barriers that prevent us from achieving and maintaining an uncluttered home.

I leave you with my a few of my favorite quotes from Organizing Magic:

  • “A disorganized life is, at its core, annoying”.
  • “It is much better to keep up than to catch up“.
  • “Every minute you procrastinate putting something back where it belongs is a cluttered minute”.
  • “We get rid of clutter to make room for fulfillment”.
  • “One of the things that sets apart people who seem to be organized is that they “swoop” everything quickly back into order, before it gets a chance to become clutter”.
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