Stick it out, “True Grit” style

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A while back, I read an awesome article in Fast Company magazine entitled “Why True Grit Matters in the Face of Adversity”. Based on the stick-to-it attitudes displayed in the film “True Grit”, this article emphasizes the need for ‘true grit’ when faced with a particularly difficult problem.

While Fast Company uses examples of true grit in the business world, the notion that you can conquer a problem by chipping away at it bit by bit applies to all aspects of life. Here are some particularly long, daunting, or otherwise difficult tasks where you really need true grit:

Maintaining the true grit mentality is particularly helpful when you feel as though you’re treading water; making so little progress that you think you’ll never be able to finish.

Case in point: I’m currently in the process of de-cluttering and organizing my bedroom, which also doubles as my home office. When I started a few years ago, there were stacks of paper documents covering the floor, the desk and other flat surfaces were littered with papers and other items; basically everything was a mess.

My progress has been slow, since I’m only able to work on it an hour or two each weekend, but I’m finally seeing results: the floors are clear, two of the flat surfaces have been tidied up, and my files are neatly organized in the file cabinet. However, I still have a long way to go: three more surfaces need to be de-cluttered, as do my desk drawers, and my walk-in closet is so crammed full of stuff that it doesn’t even qualify as a walk-in anymore. I’m going to need all the ‘true grit’ I can muster to keep working at it until my entire room is neat and tidy and my closet is the epitome of organization. But, I will get it done, and when I do I will relish the benefits of having an uncluttered and neatly organized space!

If you would like to read the full article, it is available on the Fast Company website: “Why True Grit Matters in the Face of Adversity”.

Has ‘true grit’ helped you conquer a difficult task? Are you dealing a difficult problem right now, and plan to muster your ‘true grit’ to get it done? Tell me about it in the comments!


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