What nurses can teach us about customer service

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May 6 -12 is National Nurses Week, a time to recognize nurses for their compassion and dedication. The nurses I know are such warm, generous, and caring young women, it is no surprise that they chose nursing as their career. Which brings me to my point: Nurses are an excellent example of customer service! Without further ado, here is what they can teach us about taking good care of our customers:

  1. Nurses are sensitive to their patients’  needs, and provide appropriate care and resources to meet those needs. This can make a big difference in patients’  well-being and recovery or lack thereof.
    LESSON: Take your customers’ needs and desires into consideration, and you’ll ultimately have happier, more fulfilled customers. And you know what happy customers do, right? They keep coming back, and even refer their friends to you!
  2. Nurses communicate with other nurses and doctors, to ensure everyone is on the same page regarding patients’  conditions and needs. If a nurse were to leave at the end of her shift without doing this, the nurse on the next shift would have a difficult time getting up to speed, which would negatively impact her ability to care for the patients.
    LESSON: Keep the lines of communication open between your employees, suppliers, customers, and others you do business with. Failure to keep them updated can result in misunderstandings, lost productivity, and conflict, which can lead to reduced revenue and workplace tension.
  3. With the lives of their patients on the line, nurses must be careful to give the right medication/dosage, inform the doctor or surgeon of complications, and pay attention to details that could make a difference in patients’ survival.
    LESSON: While it may not be a matter of life and death, if you consistently mess up/lose your customers’ orders, provide low-quality service, or cause them significant stress or harm, chances are they will take their patronage elsewhere.
  4. Finally, the best nurses are also considerate of the families of their patients, even taking time to listen their concerns and wishes and providing reassurance that their loved one will be well-cared for.
    LESSON: Remember that behind every individual, there are family and friends. Giving friend discounts, referral bonuses, and other perks as appropriate for your industry, will go a long way towards gaining customer loyalty and growing your business.

Kudos to the awesome nurses in my family, community, and country! Thanks for all your hard work and dedication!

To learn more about National Nurses Week, visit the American Nurses Association website.

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