Marketing Tip: Cast out multiple lines…

fishing line, hook, and bait
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Don’t make the mistake of casting a single line for your marketing efforts and just sitting and waiting, when you could be casting out more lines and getting better (and faster) results.

Unfortunately, many of us have fallen into that trap: we do one thing (such as putting an ad in the newspaper), then sit back and expect the customers to come pouring in. Maybe we’re hoping for a silver bullet – a marketing outlet that will bring us all the customers we ever wanted. Or maybe we don’t want to waste precious time and/or money on additional marketing if one ad is all that’s needed.

Either way, this one-line-at-a-time tactic doesn’t make much sense. It took me a few years to realize how silly it is to wait around for one set of results at a time, when I could have been casting out many different “lines” of marketing and getting more results in less time.

Simply put, the more lines you have in the water, the more fish (a.k.a. customers) you’ll catch, especially if you spread out your lines to different areas. Not every line will get a bite, so with only one line you could sit there all day and still not catch anything. But by putting out multiple lines, you increase the chance that at least one of them will get a bite. Of course, it also helps to know where the fish are, what kind of bait they like, and so forth!

So get to work throwing out more marketing “lines” in different areas, mediums, and so on! If one “line” isn’t catching anything, you can always change your bait, move it to a different spot, or replace it with something else.

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